This dear lovely man is now a good friend of mine. He started following me on Tumblr years ago, his insatiable appetite for writing the naughtiest of captions to my photos amused me. We became friends, close friends and he has flown over from his country to see me a few times now, which means he meets my girls, to be spanked and caned by them

I used him in one of my stories, about a teacher who took up skirt photos of the schoolgirls and got caught by Samantha. I called him Mr.Reece…why? ….that’s a secret!

Everything else from now on is his work, probably to my photos…

No – 1

Doesn’t Sam look haughty and pleased with herself,
in this photograph, as she stares at my Bottom?
…. and so she should be…. She has just put me, very
firmly, in my place and as I stand there with my
buttocks on fire, I am in no doubt who is in
charge. (Definitely NOT the Teacher!!)
It is the very first stage in Tamara’s journey, to becoming
a fully fledged Domme…… Mmmmmmm!!
What a wonderful thought that it was my Bottom that
was the catalyst to uncover all those repressed feelings
inside Samantha’s head. (Well, I know it wasn’t really but
it sure was fun acting it out…. I think… OUCH!!)

This photo was obviously taken at the end of my punishment and
my Bottom is in real pain after Sam has just slashed down
those twelve, incredibly nasty, strokes of the Cane across my already
tender Bottom. (Plimsoll, hand, ruler, Medium Tawse, Heavy Tawse had
all been applied to my bare buttocks with gusto before I
was told to bend over the high stool for the dreaded CANE!!)
I really struggled to take the last few strokes of that Cane.
One of which broke the skin of my right buttock. A SEVERE
Caning from such a strict but innocent looking Lady… Mmmmmm

Oh God… just looking at that Cane brings back memories
of what she did to my Bottom with it. GULP!!! She might
be innocent looking but when she has a Cane in her
hand she is anything but…… !!!!

Yes… she sure can Cane!!! (I seem to remember that she
administered the strokes, with probably only 10 seconds apart so the
pain really built up quickly. Also, she is very accurate and she aimed all
the strokes across the lower part of my poor ravaged Bottom!!
(Note to Samantha….. MEANIE!!! Lol)
I felt so vulnerable as she made me stand in the corner afterwards
and my pants fell to my ankles. It was so humiliating knowing
she could see my bare Bottom and all the damage she had
just inflicted across it, as my punishment.
As I studied this wonderful photo, below, I have to admit to pleasuring
myself as the eroticism that this photo evokes, washed over me.
Especially for someone who is enthralled by Corporal punishment,
to the buttocks.
It wasn’t long before my fantasies began to take over.
I imagined that this beautiful and newly empowered Woman,
who is breathless from the exertion of thrashing my Bottom, comes
to stand behind me and presses her body up against
mine. I can feel her ample breasts heaving against my back as she
endeavours to regain her normal breathing rate. I feel her hand come
around and take hold of my Cock between finger and thumb. It is not
a sexual caress but one that seems to convey disdain. Her other
hand then moves to my right buttock and I feel her long sharp nails dig
into my ravaged Bottom….. She then moves her mouth close to my
ear and hisses words into it…..

“This is the pain that filthy, disgusting Boys get, when they try and take
upskirt photos of a Girl’s knickers. You will be getting further painful
reminders of what a Caning from me, feels like, whenever I feel
you are not behaving properly…. UNDERSTAND?!!”

(Note to the reader… If you have ever heard Miss Kenworthy’s
voice you will know just how sexy she sounds as she admonishes
a naughty Boy or Girl. She certainly made me quiver with a strange
mixture of lust and awe. It is hard to put into words but it is that
heady feeling when you are so close to something you can’t resist
but like window shopping when the store is closed, you can only
gaze and cannot sample what is on display!!!)
When Samantha instructed me to bend over and told me
what she was about to do to me I really
did feel like I had died and gone to heaven!!!!! By this stage I was
deeply in my alter ego and she was now a Goddess that I must
worship and obey with every fibre of my being….)

Anyway back to my fantasy……
As she shouts out the word ‘UNDERSTAND’ into my ear, she
yanks back the foreskin of my swelling Cock…
“Do you like me touching you here, Boy?!!”

Just as I am about to answer she releases her hold on my
twitching Manhood….

“Yes… of COURSE you do because you are a FILTHY ‘Boy’
and that is why this is the first and ONLY time you will
feel my hand here…. from now on it is only PAIN for you Mr Reece….
Now, put your hands on your head and stand up straight
unless you want me to give you another six strokes of
my Cane to REALLY make you squirm!!!
From now on it would be wise of you to remember who is
in charge. Your Bottom is totally under my control..
Now turn around and get on your knees and tell me you
are sorry……. and you had better make it convincing
otherwise I will remove MY Bottom from this stool
and put YOURS over it again…. and you will feel
what I can do with a Cane when I am REALLY angry…

The End

Look how tightly Sam’s thighs are clamped together.
I wonder if her Pussy was tingling as she admired her
handiwork. I like to think it was!!!! (I know my Bottom was
certainly ‘Tingling’!!!)

Oh what a visit to your studio that was!!!


yep, true to form! I look forward to the next one Mr.Reece!

No – 2

The Tea Towel surprise.

I know Asa commented in my ‘Guest’ introduction
about my ‘Insatiable desire to add captions to
his photos’ and of course that is quite true.
So this morning I was browsing his blog when
I chanced upon one of his vintage posts.
My mind seems to either, immediately conjure
up a fantasy that the image inspires or
in this instance, reminds me of a true life event.

Well this particular vintage drawing reminded me
of a true life event that happened with a Girlfriend of mine
some years ago. I wondered whether Asa’s readers
would be interested in hearing about it. (I must stress
that if I relate any real life events, I do not embellish
them in anyway. I just tell it as it happened)

Well here goes….

I think my friend Asa is only too aware of my passion
for pleasuring a Woman with my tongue (I shall leave
the exact details of that to the reader’s imagination but
if any Ladies have ever wondered what it is like to be
‘pleasured’ in this way by someone being Caned at
the same time, then please form an orderly queue
outside Asa’s studio awaiting an audition!! Vocal applicants
will go to the top of the list for his next shoot….. Lol)

Some years ago…….

I was waiting at home for my Girlfriend to arrive. I had
purchased some Champagne so we could celebrate
her achievement of obtaining a very high academic
award. When she arrived she looked stunning in a black
Pencil skirt and matching top which made her look every
bit like the archetypal Strict School Mam. (Well, certainly to
my eyes!!!)
It wasn’t long before the cork was ‘popped’ and the contents
of the bottle was being consumed by us. My Girlfriend was
very spontaneous and she never ceased to surprise me,
especially when it came to matters sexual!! That particular
evening was going to be one of those moments.
She was sitting on the sofa and she suddenly hitched up
her skirt and announced that she wanted my tongue to
perform a particular sex act while she sat back and
sipped her Champagne. This request wasn’t a huge surprise
to me because she frequently wanted this done as foreplay.
As far as I was concerned I was in heaven every time I
positioned my head between her soft silky thighs….. so I
was more than happy to oblige….
However, what did surprise me, was just before I was about
to kneel between her spread thighs, she told me to go and get
a Tea Towel from the kitchen. I did as she asked and when
I returned she had pulled down her skimpy Knickers at
the front and I was presented with the sight of her fingers
holding her swollen ‘Sex lips’, wide apart.
I could see her beautiful Pussy in all it’s glory. It was framed
by her soft, blonde hairs and was glistening with arousal….
Her black stockings made her legs look very inviting
for the task I was about to perform, at the very apex
of those legs. My Cock throbbed with anticipation as I gazed at
this erotic sight!!
She told me to put the Tea Towel on the carpet between
the high heeled shoes she was wearing. She then pointed
a finger to the floor and said… ‘DOWN’
She then gave me her glass of Champagne and told me
to swap it for the bottle. I did this and returned to my
kneeling position between her legs…..
She then spoke to me again and told me what she had
in mind….

“OK Boy…. I am going to drink this Champagne from
the bottle but I am also going to make you drink some by
dripping it onto my Pussy. You are to lick up every single
drop. After a while I will tell you to stop and I will examine
the Tea Towel. For every drop on the Tea Towel that I
find, you will receive one stroke of my Cane. These will be
given on your bare Bottom when you take me to the
bedroom, after you have finished licking me.”

(For the reader’s information I had a traditional crook handled
cane kept in the bedroom that was purchased back
in the eighties from the Janus shop in London. It is about
10 mm thick and it stung like Hell. I still have it to this day
and it has lost none of it’s ‘Venom’ !!!)

“Put the Tea Towel between my shoes and get on your knees.
This ius what you are going to do…….”

Well, I will leave the rest of this story to the Readers
imagination….. suffice to say, the Tea Towel did NOT
remain dry……. and I was eventually led into the
bedroom by my rather intoxicated and giggling Girlfriend!!!
(It did occur to me that the drops on the Tea Towel may
not have been Champagne but the result of my Girlfriend’s
intense arousal….. but who was I to complain!!!!

That event, is still etched vividly in my memory, and
was brought back to me by the drawing that Asa posted
on his Blog (Thanks for reminding me Asa!!!)

I will reiterate, that the above is all 100% true
I just wish I had a time machine and could go back
and revisit that ‘Tea Towel moment’!! Mmmmmmmm

The End

NOTE….He e-mailed me…

Oh GOD Asa, I can still remember what her Champagne
soaked Pussy tasted like….. WOW!!
(Worth EVERY stroke of that nasty Cane…. and
no, I can’t remember how many I got…..)



Another excellent piece of writing, well done! More please!

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