The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Six

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Charlotte masturbated before her friends, she was so excited after seeing them orgasm, that she knew it would not take long for her to cum….Fae watched from the door she was keeping lookout from, but needed to see closer, she could see the excitement on Charlotte’s face!

So she left her post, “it’s as quiet as a mouse out there. Can I come closer to watch you orgasm?”

“Yes! Come closer Fae, it’ll be fine!” Replied Charlotte, wanting more eyes on her pussy!

She moved back to the group, looking back and forth from Sapphire and Amber to Charlotte’s face and her pussy being rubbed. She had not secured the latch on the door…it slowly swung open six inches.

Back in the corridor, Miss Black came around the corner. She saw the open door, and heard voices. A determined stride took her to the door.

Charlotte began to moan sexily and loudly, all eyes in the room focussed on the blurred hand and pussy of Charlotte who now began to talk loudly…

“Oooooh look at my cunt! Watch me cummmmmmm!!!”

Miss Black took two steps into the classroom, they never noticed until she coughed….”Ahem!”

Charlotte saw her….”Oh God…Miss Black…oh fuck, Miss Black can see my cunt! Oh Fuck…I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiing, Miss Black….look at me cummmmmmmming!”

Miss Black stood speechless, the other girls froze, as Charlotte rubbed hard and fast!

She came magnificently!

More soon!