A walk of two well spanked bottoms…

Using the advice of PurplePort we have started shooting again…almost back to normal, my dear, sexy, spanking loving friends, in my studio, doing what we like to do best…Hallelujah!

If you click here, you will be taken to a full length novel called ‘The Inveigle’, it is written and pretty much edited. It has around twenty chapters, 50000+ words, and will have hundreds of photos.


The word ‘will’ being the operative word. Up to now you will only find chapters one to five, I am concentrating on taking photos for them, although if the sets suit somewhere else in the story, I shoot those.

What an undertaking, and this is not the only full length one! I love it!

If you scroll down to chapter 5….even better from my point of view…read down to chapter five, you will see that two maids have previously been thrashed nakedd by their Mistress (photos taken yesterday). They then have to walk naked, red bottoms on show, back to the large house’s kitchen, to report to the Housekeeper Mr.Blunket.

Here is the walk.

Consider this…me and my girls, have written to each other about the scene, they came prepared, and discussed it. It probably took three quarters of an hour to set up and shoot.

If you look at the story, it covers around five paragraphs. Hence the slow progress.

I hope you have a look and read, but I understand perfectly if you don’t. I know Victorian Spanking is not high on everyone’s list, I also understand a lot of you just want to look at my girls bottoms.

To tempt you to the story, this sequence has more photos than these of the sequence, the story…

God! It was good to be back shooting! Tea flowed, Victoria sponge cake was eaten, laughter and joy filled the rooms like the sun did. And…beautiful girls (four on the day) got spanked!

And you get all this from me for free! Lucky you!