Bloomin’ Marvellous!

‘Blooming marvellous’!
In praise of vintage split, open-crotch drawers!

I thought this might get your attention!

Welcome to a wonderfully written article on Bloomers!

For many spankers, the baring or ‘revealing’ of a shapely female bottom can be one of the most exciting elements of the whole spanking process.

Whilst a few slaps to a clothed female bottom may be quite fun, the real ‘business’ of a spanking doesn’t really commence until the bottom is bared, providing a tactile, visual and auditory feast for the spanker. There is the close contact between a hard palm and the soft, warm, pliable, rounded nature of a female’s bottom cheeks. Then there is the lovely sound of resounding smacks landing on bare flesh, very different from that made when a spanking is applied to a clothed bottom. The spankee’s yelps and cries might be the same, but the sound of the smacks is more muted and muffled. On top of the tactile and audible rewards, spanking also has visual ones. There is the mesmerising effect of watching a shapely set of buttocks dancing and quivering with every smack. This is further enhanced as the bottom slowly changes colour from a cool white, to a warm soft pink, and finally to a hot glowing red

Whilst such thoughts may arouse the dedicated spanker, how many of us have dwelt on the nature of the underwear that we remove in the first instance?


In the modern day, probably for some the most appealing spanking image might be that of a young lady dressed in skimpy knickers combined with silky seamed stockings and suspenders helping to frame the naked bottom as the knickers are slowly slid down to mid-thigh or lower. Unfortunately this pleasure is now often spoilt by the trend for many young ladies to wear thongs. Whilst these might be worn to help ‘preserve’ a young lady’s ‘modesty’, they really do little to enhance the spanker’s enjoyment. Once a dress is lifted, the bottom is already bared to all intents and purposes!

Relatively few people will probably have experienced the joys of spanking a young lady in old-fashioned split, open-crotch drawers, possibly because they are not readily available from the likes of M & S! Yet, such drawers have a lot to be recommended and offer something that modern underwear somehow lacks.


Drawers first came into fashion in the early C19. Until then, few women wore anything under their skirts. Drawers were originally developed partly to provide warmth. Another ‘catalyst’ in their rise in popularity occurred when the fashion of wearing huge ‘belled dresses’ developed in the mid-C19 supported by crinoline ‘cages’. Something had to be worn underneath such dresses to prevent the embarrassment that might result from a gust of wind, climbing a staircase or stepping into a carriage, revealing too much!

I can see him being trapped underneath when she straightens up!

Most drawers for women in the mid-C19 were split leggings and about knee length. Each leg was made separately and joined together at the waistband, leaving the crotch seam open, but fashioned so that there was a bit of an overlap. For most women, split drawers were a necessity, because with all the different layers they wore on top, they couldn’t pull down their drawers to use a chamberpot, particularly when a tight corset was added to their outfit!

Anyway, enough about this very brief history of open-crotch drawers. What of their relevance to spanking?

Well, you have only to take a cursory glance at some of the better known spanking film companies to see how often some of them include films featuring C19 period costumes with such drawers: Lupus, RGE films particularly specialised in numerous period spanking films featuring such drawers, especially in the ‘Headmaster’s Study’ series of films. There are a fair number of other companies which have also made a few films that feature such vintage underwear – ‘Dreams of Spanking’ and ‘Firmhand Spanking’, to name but just two. Clearly they feel that there is a market for such material other than just the typical naughty schoolgirl scenarios that many seem to churn out.

So what is the appeal of such an apparently old-fashioned garment for the spanker?

Who wouldn’t like to pull these apart?

I can think of at least six good reasons, although there may be many more:

● They make a refreshing change from the usual black knickers with matching stockings and suspenders, or the plain white schoolgirl knickers
● They are very attractive and pretty to look at, many having beautifully frilly, lacey edgings around the bottoms of the leggings and pink ribbons at the waist just begging to be undone
● They are easily ‘drawn-back’ (like a set of curtains) to reveal the bottom sexily ‘peeking out’ through the slit, without having to pull them down out of the way
● They beautifully frame the buttocks in a similar but different way to stockings and suspenders
● The crotch is also readily accessible to those who wish to go further than just spanking their chosen lady without having to remove any clothing, adding to the eroticism of the scene
● The modern day spankee may well feel more sexy and aroused by wearing something out of the ordinary, air freely floating around their crotch area…making them feel very ‘naughty’ in a sexual sort of way!
● They can add to a spankee’s level of humiliation if they are instructed to open the slit to expose their own bottom

If all this hasn’t yet convinced you of the desirability of spanking a young lady in split drawers, have a look at some of the many images that are readily available on the internet and decide for yourselves! ‘Etsy’ is a quite good website to see what vintage drawers might be available on the open market.

A note from Asa

it seems fitting that we finish with Kate’s fine Victorian Rump. Spreading the gap in a pair of bloomers to spank a naughty maid is indeed beautiful but also, pulling the pink silk ribbon, and seeing the bloomers open and slide like theatre curtains , as I did here before soundly spanking my errant maid, is something every lover of spanking should try to do.

Robin, as usual, is exactly right!

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