Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls (Charlotte’s Story)

Thank you to Robyn Jones, my editor, and her tireless work on my stories, which were a little jumbled, but are now forming into what I hoped they might. If I was a locked padlock, hanging on an old oak door, behind which, spanking secrets were stored, then she is the magic key you have searched for…

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Chapter 2 – Miss Kenworthy, Head of Discipline

Chapter 3 – Charlotte’s First Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 4 – Charlotte’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 5 – Charlotte’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 6 – Charlotte’s Fourth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 7 – Charlotte’s Fifth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 8 – Charlotte’s Sixth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 9 – Charlotte’s Seventh Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 10 – Charlotte’s Eighth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 11 – Charlotte’s Ninth Visit to Miss Kenworthy

Chapter 12 – a Rather Different Visit to Miss Kenworthy for Charlotte

Chapt13 …the Dragon Tail Tawse

Chapter 14 …the rocking horse

Chapter 15 …the Saint Andrew’s Cross

Chapter 16 …an sample of Charlotte being very naughty…

Chapter 17 …a special detention!

Chapter 1: Introduction to St Helena’s

Imagine a place in the universe, almost the same as here, almost, but with one wonderful difference….spanking!

Spanking is a world-wide practice in this other world used to keep naughty women in line. The judicial system everywhere is pretty much the same as in our world, but, at the first offence, to avoid a criminal record, a woman of any age, is offered the chance to attend a special school. A school where corporal punishment, in all its different forms, is used at the discretion of the School Head and staff for as long as their ‘sentence’ is in force.

Quite simply, they have to agree to having their bottoms disciplined.

One such school is Saint Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls. I am the Headmaster. My name is Mr Jones, Mr Asa Jones. I have been here for five years. Things are going well, but it is time for a change. However, before I tell you of the change, let me show you how it is now.

This is the school I have set it in. It is very close to where I live, but is no longer a school. The grounds are now quiet, but are open to the public. I’ve had girlfriends who went here, who told me of the strict Headmistress who spanked and caned freely, often without mercy…

The Imposing Entrance to
Saint Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls

The main entrance is straight up the drive. However, if you walk to the manicured lawns to the right, and look at the side of the building, thus…

The south facing side of the school, catching the sun.

Can you see that rather impressive entrance, with the curved stone steps?

The steps to the French Windows and steps, next to the Headmaster’s Office to the right. The steps saw many a public spanking of naughty girls bottoms.

Well, the French windows lead into the Headmistress’ Office extending to the right. The last window on the right was the secretary’s office, where girls reported for punishment, sometimes to leave their knickers there for collection afterwards. I have it on good authority from girls that went there, that many bare bottom spankings and canings took place in the space behind the French Windows, and also a few, on the steps outside. Lights were left on, and curtains left open, so that girls walking by could see the punishments take place. There were no restrictions on how many stood to watch. So if a girl was unpopular or had done something particularly bad, a large group would gather in a semi circle to watch the culprit get their just desserts.

After applying for my school to become a ‘Correctional/reformatory’ school things grew slowly. At first I mixed the girls on remand with the ‘normal’ girls who found it rather fun to get these girls into trouble on purpose. This was unacceptable to me, so I took the brave step, just over four and a half years ago, to accept only the girls sent to me by the courts.

I had much to learn. My reputation of being a strict disciplinarian had got me the job, and it stood me in good stead. But the importance of subtle things, like putting a girl back in school uniform, and how it had a profound effect on a naughty young woman, was something to be learned through experience and guidance. The Ministry of Education Reform School Board issued me with a detailed guide manual and equipment.

The well thumbed disciplinary manual.

We had annual inspections. It was very tough, but I stuck at it, and after three years I gained my first ‘Excellent’ rating.

All the teachers in my school were female, and all had their own cane. Discipline ruled. Delinquents came in and later young ladies were discharged after the approval of the Board.

I ran the school and was pretty much like Headmasters of any typical school. However, I kept myself aloof. I needed to be a figure the young ladies were scared of, a man to be respected. If they had the misfortune to come to my office, they invariably left with a very sore bottom.

One girl from those early years, who always comes to my mind readily when thinking of punished bare bottoms, was a girl called Kate.

I employed what I called a ‘mirror of shame’. My idea was that, if a girl saw herself being punished and stood by it when undergoing her post-spanking ‘corner time’, this would add an element of humiliation to her spanking. This element was further increased by the fact that I had many visitors to my study, such as the postman, my secretary, town councillors and Board inspectors. All sorts of people. If a girl was stood before the mirror, they would have to remain in my study throughout my meeting, with her bare red bottom on display.

However, as a result of frequent contact with Kate, I became increasingly aware that some girls saw a spell at my school as something to enjoy rather than to hate. My reforming plan failed to take into account the fact that some girls were natural submissives, who loved nothing better than to be spanked. Kate was one such girl. They were my favourite naughty girls, who would return time and time again to receive my punishments.

Here are a few pictures of Kate bent over one of my study’s chairs for her first ever spanking:

After this first spanking, her entrances into my study slowly became bolder.

Kate in provocative dress

Her uniform was often worn provocatively, and this was her most common reason for being sent to me. Each time I punished her, I told her to get it corrected. But, to be honest, she was a joy to spank!

Kate’s bare bottom and knickers stretched between her knees.

I had an array of apparatus at my disposal as you will see, but all ended up with a session before the mirror. I remember on this particular instance that the postman came in, and left with his face redder than her bottom! I could tell that the poor young man wanted to stare at her, but politely just gave her a quick glance.

And so it went on, both submissive and non-submissive girls came in a steady stream, day after delicious spanking day.

Here are some more examples, to show some of the spanking and flogging apparatus I have at my disposal.

This one is a small rocking chair I get a girl to kneel on. Once you get into a good rhythm you whack away at her bottom. They rock forward, usually squealing, then as they rock backwards …THWACK! I deliver another stroke which inevitably drives them forward again with yet more squealing! I like to use this when demonstrating my skill to new staff. It shows me at my ‘flogging best’, especially if I do a flourish with the cane in between each stroke!

This next shot shows a blubbering girl gently rocking to a standstill, all extremely satisfying.

I also have a padded spanking bench, which means the culprit’s bottom is low, yet presented almost horizontally. This was similar to the benches used in the past for judicial punishments. This position enables a great swing from well back, to swish down on the buttocks, rather than a sideways swipe. My word! I make some girls scream on this!

Anyway, I could tell you about my vast array of equipment all day! But that is not really why we are here. As my popularity with the Board of Education grew, so did the number of girls referred to me by the Courts. Eventually we became an ‘Academy of Correction’, which in real terms meant that all the girls were naughty girls sent from the courts. Slowly our area of operation grew, so that we served the whole of the north of the County.

My staff were excellent in both teaching and discipline. However, as the need for discipline grew, as the type of girl we were entrusted with became like the type of girls mentioned above, I started to get the first rumblings of dissatisfaction from them.

My first action was to take charge of induction. This meant that a girl would come straight from court in her civilian clothes, and, depending upon what level of correction she needed, she got issued with a suitable uniform and her first punishment. It was a provision of the courts that, on arrival, a girl should always have her first dose of punishment.

So in they came, some nervous, worried and shy, others full of bravado. They ranged from a timid girl who had strayed, and needed a few terms of harsh discipline, to the outright brat…girls who needed a sound flogging on the bare buttocks, regularly and of increasing intensity, until they behaved themselves.

Let me introduce you to a timid girl first of all, and show you how things proceeded. Her name is Molly. She is still here and from time to time needs a plimsol or cane across her cheeks, but all in all, by our standards, she is quite a good girl!

She arrived like most timid girls, quite well-dressed and I was struck by her very modern hairstyle. All girls have a ‘mugshot’ for our files.

We take one when they come, like Molly here, they arrive in all shapes and styles of dress.

But by the time we allow them to leave, they conform to our very high standards like Charlotte and her friend Samantha here.


On arrival I would be to give them a reprimand and tell them in no uncertain manner what to expect. Then, much to their surprise, I would make them strip naked, placing their old civilian clothes into a bag, which was duly sealed and labelled.

I would point out that I knew exactly why they were here, and would make them confess their actions before a cross. Religious or not, confession before this Christian Icon seemed to have a profound effect on their minds.

As I tidied away their clothes, I would pass whichever style uniform was allotted, and tell them to put it on.

Most would look quite happy about it, strangely enough, although some objected. I think that having the pressures of the modern social media controlled world taken away from them and thrust into the 1950’s, so to speak, was quite comforting and, to many, very exciting!

We all had to attend a psychology course about the makeup of young women’s minds, and it proved very useful. I knew now that, for many of them, a good telling off could be quite sexually exciting. So I would leave them alone for ten minutes, to consider things. They knew that on my return they would be spanked. Very often, in fact almost every time, in this wonderful world I live in, they masturbated in my absence.

They knew I understood. On my return their glistening pussies, damp knickers and smell of love juice would make them blush.

I would usually get straight into their punishment then.

It was difficult to estimate how much a girl would struggle and kick, so for the first time I nearly always got them to bend over my piano stool, their bottom high and palms on the floor. If they tried to protect themselves they would fall forward onto their heads.

Not only that, it is a very revealing and humiliating introduction to the world of corporal punishment.

After their first punishment it was a tradition that they remained in place on show. Usually as a class of girls they had never met came in giggling and passing various comments about her. So long as they were not too vociferous, I allowed almost anything. This humiliation did a new girl the world of good!

So for now, we will leave her blushing, both her face and her bottom, before the cat-calling giggling tormentors…..

”Who’s been a naughty girl then?!”…

“Who’s had their naughty little botty spanked then?!”…

“Isn’t your bum such a lovely colour?!”

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