The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Seven ~ CAUGHT!

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The whole room was full of shock.

Miss Black stood looking at Charlotte who was in the after throws of what can only be described as a truly magnificent orgasm. Convulsions still making her whole body shudder every ten seconds.

Charlotte slowly realised the magnitude of the situation, her legs wide open, her fingers still slowly working on her dribbling pussy, and Miss Black swelling in anger her eyes focussed on what she was still doing.

Fae turned to look at Miss Black, they had all been caught, with a naughty book, and sticky fingers.

Amber and Sapphire sat with the book, and , still slowly and quietly mouthing sexy rude descriptions, as they turned to see their discoverer stood surveying the scene, the obvious scene before her.

…silence ruled for a few final seconds….five,, four, three, two, one.


“And what on earth is going on here!”

Miss Black took the book and looked at the open page where a girl was having a carrot shoved up her pussy by another girl, as two more watched!

She tutted, and walked slowly to the front of their secret little room. Their wonderful room of orgasmic pleasure, and their covert club, ‘The Friday Night Masturbation Club’. Which they could see collapsing in rubble around the feet of Miss Black.

Amidst the rubble of their sexy, naughty, little club, looking strong, scary and magnificent stood Miss Black. Who in a loud, clear, perfectly controlled voice, spoke…”Sit down at your desks!”

Like scurrying rats they fled in fear to their desks, obeying Miss Black.

…more soon