Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls (Miss Kenworthy’s Story)

Having devoted parts 1 and 2 of the St. Helena ‘chronicles’ to the two naughty girls, Charlotte and Kate, it seemed only right and proper that this third part focused a bit more on Miss Tamara Kenworthy, my Head of Discipline. Her arrival at St. Helena’s was recorded in Part 1 of the chronicles.

Tamara has now been with the school for over three years and has managed to ‘keep a lid’ on some of the worst excesses that a bunch of naughty schoolgirls can generate. I have lost count of the naughty young bottoms that she has spanked and thrashed, although an inspection of the School’s official leather bound punishment books (now running into four volumes) might enable me to put a precise figure on this statement. However, I have far more pressing things to do than ideally trolling through these, interesting as the exercise might otherwise prove to be!

Have a close look.

Miss Kenworthy was both respected and feared by the majority of girls in the school. If a girl ended up in her ‘Report Room’, they knew that they would be punished. She was never sadistic, but her punishments were always proportional to the seriousness of their offence, ranging from a simple over the knee hand spanking to an all-out ‘flogging’ with a senior strap or cane, the culprit being firmly held down over a gym horse. She insisted that her punishments were always given ‘on the bare’. As she would often say:

“A girl’s skirt and knickers don’t need spanking. It’s the bottom that resides within them that needs it!”

I shall start this volume by recounting how Tamara first developed and honed her skills as a disciplinarian when she was Head Girl at Lady Anne’s School for Girls at the age of 18. Rather amusingly, these skills started to develop not across the soft bare bottoms of naughty younger girls, but across firmer, more muscular male buttocks – those of one of her own teachers, a certain Mr. G.Reece!

Mr.Asa Jones MA (Oxon)
St. Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls