Three Naughty Sisters ~ Part Six

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It was the weekend, Saturday morning, around 9 o’clock. Not a great surprise to hear a hullabaloo in the house.

Stephanie always makes it to the bathroom first out of the three sisters, as mummy shouts at Charlotte and Samantha to get out of bed and help her tidy up and do the breakfast. Sometimes, well, quite often really, she takes one of her vibrators. Sometimes a suction dildo for the shower. Today it was her magic wand.

Charlotte and Samantha have got out of bed and are banging on the bathroom door…”Come on! Hurry up before we pee ourselves, we can hear it! So we know what you are doing!”

Waiting impatiently needing an early morning wee!”

“Mummy, Mummy!! She is hogging the bathroom again and….she’s being naughty in their AGAIN!” Shout Charlotte and Samantha.


Mummy storms upstairs in a temper. “Why? Why eh? Why is it always the bloody same with you three! I’ll drop down dead one day with all the running about I have to do, and the stress of controlling you three!”

Sulkily the two girls say they just want a wee, and their sister is being deliberately awkward, they ask mummy to listen at the door.

Mummy listens and can hear a buzz buzz buzz as the magic wand is engulfed by Stephanie’s pussy lips, her cunt rubbing back and forth rhythmically. “I can hear what you are doing! Stop being so rude and awkward, we’ll have two pools of wee out here, open up now!”

Stephanie cannot stop, and opens the door, the feeling of being caught makes her cum. Intending to say I am coming out, she says “I am cummiiiiinnng!” and groans sexily as the door opens.

The girls can see what has happened and giggle, they know how being caught being naughty in that way is a thrill.

“Ooooooh I’m cumming!”

“Get out here right now…ohhhh you naughty girl! You should do that in private! And you have nearly made these two pee on my carpet! Get over the landing rail for a spanking!”

“But I haven’t anything on!” Pleaded Stephanie.

“You’ve had ample time for that! You two, go and wee….you, get here now!”

“Wait for us Mummy! We want to see her spanking with nothing on, make her jump about Mummy, she’s been really naughty!” Shouted the girls…

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