A letter from Robyn, my editor…

You have already met my two Robins here…


Robyn has written me a lovely letter, I have asked if I can share it with you, and she said yes.

Here it is…

My dear Asa,

Just to say an enormous thank you for letting me loose on your various photostories. So far I have helped to knock a bit more ‘shape’ into ‘The Inveigle’ and a fair number of your other stories that you sketched out under the umbrella of ‘St.Helena’s High School for Wayward Girls’. The Inveigle proved to be a wonderful period story, which I see you are now gradually illustrating with a combination of your own lovely photos, as well as your extensive collection of ‘naughty’ vintage photos and art! When you’ve done this, the whole story should provide a written and visual feast, stuffed full of spanking and lesbian sex! It’s a period of history in which I would have loved to have lived. I would have relished being part of a group of young female flagellants indulging my love for spanking and having liaisons with attractive young society ladies!

The ‘St. Helena chronicles’ turned out to be too long to easily put into one volume, so I started to divide the various stories into separate parts based on the principal characters in each of the stories: Charlotte, Kate and Miss Tamara Kenworthy etc… There are still a number of stories which I have yet to edit/revise, but there’s probably enough material for at least two further volumes! Now that the lockdown is over, I have no doubt that you will devise more photostories based around St. Helena’s. You’ve told me how popular they are with readers of your blog! I must admit, I wouldn’t mind having a go at disciplining some of those delectable naughty young ladies of yours!

Whilst the St. Helena stories don’t exactly ‘break new ground’ as far as schoolgirl spanking stories go, what makes them unique for me are all your wonderful photos that accompany them. With the explosion in spanking videos in recent years, there are very few (if any?) full-length illustrated spanking stories. Unlike some of the old Spanking Magazine photo stories such as were found in some of the early volumes of Janus, your stories closely match the photos. It is also good that you have been able to use the same models each time to provide some continuity. It has been a real pleasure to ‘get to know’ the various participants, especially that lovely pair of ‘naughty girls’, Kate and Charlotte, and the magnificent Samantha as Miss Tamara Kenworthy, ‘Head of Discipline’. They all play their respective roles beautifully, although what they are like ‘off set’ is anyone’s guess other than yourself, Mr. Jones! I would love to meet them as well as you at some stage when time permits.

Robyn xxx

PS I’ve attached another photograph of myself…. a close up this time of my stockinged thigh, holding one of my trusty dressage whips! It’s one of the implements I really enjoy using on my subs. It makes such a lovely high-pitched swishing noise and has a beautiful bottom ‘dancing around’ very quickly!

I would rather like to see my girls go over there too Robyn!