The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Eight.

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“What on earth is going on here girls? Need I ask! So you have been sneaking in here, after school, to masturbate together? And how long has this been going on I wonder?” Boomed Miss Black.

“Being here after school is the same as trespassing on any property! Wether you are a pupil here or not, you should not be here! You are not covered with insurance for one thing! But what about night classes? Anyone could have discovered you! A fine example that would show the world wouldn’t it!?”

“And as for this book! Who brought this in? It is disgusting! It is pornography! You are not even old enough to look at this material, let alone have it in your possession!”

“You Charlotte! You would not even stop when I was stood looking at you, shouting for you to stop! My word young lady! All your parents are going to hear of this!”

“Don’t you dare snigger madam! This is not a laughing matter!”

“And who may I ask did this filth on the blackboard? Hmmm? Someone thinks I need a spanking it seems! Well! Let me assure you girls. IT WILL BE YOU GETTING BARE BOTTOM SPANKINGS!”

“You are all getting spanked for trespassing and public masturbation! But whoever drew this will be caned on their bare bottom before you! And…AND….IF NOBODY OWNS UP! YOU WILL ALL BE CANED ON YOUR BARE BOTTOMS IN THE CAR PARK, NEXT TO THE MAIN ROAD, BEFORE EVERYONE!”

“So who did it…ten…nine…eight…seven…”

All eyes slowly turned to Fae.

More to come!