Eleanor’s Entry… This is an entry from one of my writing competitions.

Samantha and Charlotte

“It’s better to go last, isn’t it?” said Samantha to herself unconvincingly as she looked at her friend Charlotte bent over the punishment stool waiting for Mr Jones to take the senior cane to her bottom. “Much better, surely? His arm will be tired after twelve strokes, won’t it? Or maybe he’ll have got his eye in by then. Oh dear, perhaps I should have gone first. Got it over with.”

“Why oh why did we buy those cigarettes? It’s all so stupid. So unnecessary. Just to feel grown up. And now look. A completely bare bottom in front of Mr Jones. A man. It’s so embarrassing. I mean, it’s not just your bottom he can see, is it? It’s … that place. A place only girls should see. A place only girls should touch.”

“He’s looking now, I can tell. Stra ight at Charlotte’s bottom and … everything else. It’ll be me he’s looking at next. I can’t bear it!”

Charlotte squealed pitifully as the heavy cane began to slice repeatedly into her bare flesh with a series of solid ‘thwacks’.

“Oh God, he’s doing it hard today,” thought Samantha. “We’ll have those horrible marks. And there’s P.E. and swimming this afternoon. The other girls will know. They’ll stare at us and snigger. I hate them already….Hate, hate, hate!

Note from Asa…

I think this is beautiful, like being taken into the mind of a naughty schoolgirl, regretting her actions, and fearful of what is to come. She captures it all. Great writing!