Keiter’s Entry – This is an entry for one of my writing competitions…

Samantha and Charlotte

by Keiter

The headmaster walked into the room, ignored the pristine buttocks presented by Charlotte, and inquired, “Samantha, why are you sitting?”
“You took so long to return, I got tired of standing,” the borderline belligerent Sam returned.

“Stand up, girl. I don’t want any red sit-spots on your bum if you have to take a turn across the punishment stool. I’m not used to justifying myself to students, but I was waiting for the elastic impressions of Charlotte’s knickers to disappear from her flesh. I want the only marks on her backside to be mine.”

Taken down a peg, Samantha stood and ran a self-conscious hand over her cool seat as the school administrator turned his attention to the prostrate pupil.

“Charlotte, you were caught cheating off Samantha’s test, but you’ve refused to say if Samantha was complicit in your wrongdoing…” He raised the cane in his right hand high and brought it down unerringly across the summit of Char’s buttocks. The girl gasped as her headmaster asked, “Your answer…?” Hearing only muffled whimpers, he gave her a harder stripe, perfectly parallel to the first. “I’m prepared to cane you all afternoon long to get to the truth, girl,” and raised the cane once more.

“I give!” the poor girl blubbered. “Samantha said that she wanted to help me with the test answers so I’d be indebted to her. She’s been crawling into my bed at night, trying to convince me to do nasty things with her.” The tearful Charlotte clearly thought that her confession would reprieve her from further stripes, so was surprised when the Mr. Jones administered four more wicked licks in rapid-fire succession. While Charlotte was still writhing in agony, Mr. Jones gave more instructions.

“Stand up, Charlotte, and go stand in the corner. I’m not through with you, but have more pressing matters to address.” He turned his stern gaze to the other blond, “Samantha, get those knickers down to your ankles and assume the position over the stool!”

As Sam complied, it became obvious that she was highly aroused. The gusset of her white knicks was besmeared with a copious amount of jism. Her fragrant arousal filled the small room with her musky scent. Far from feeling embarrassed, Samantha lay across the stool and flipped her plaid skirt up, then raised her plump orbs up, as if daring the headmaster to do his worst.

Not waiting for the indentations from her recently removed panties to fade, Mr. Jones got right to work.

Swish, Thwack! A bright red welt blossomed on her pale posterior, bisecting the deep crack at a perfect right angle. Instead of feeling chastened, the chastised girl seemed to feed off the pain.

“Did you knowingly reveal your test answers to Charlotte, Samantha?”
“Yes!” she answered with a slight smile curling the corners of her pretty mouth, and got two vicious stripes in return.

“And did you want a quid pro quo, a return of sexual favors for this cheating?”

Even though she was wincing in pain, Samantha defiantly answered, “Yes!” and got two more hard cane slashes for it.

“What did you want to do sexually with Charlotte in her dormitory bed?”
Sam didn’t answer right away, just wriggled her pert bottom seductively, so Mr. Jones set about loosening her tongue with more rapid-fire welts. After five more, Samantha raised her voice above the din to volunteer, “I just wanted to spank her, then make her lick up the results from between my pussy lips.”

This proved too much for the headmaster. “Charlotte, as I stated, your punishment is not complete. I’ll be dropping by your dormitory tonight to finish the job in front of your assembled roommates, as a lesson to all of you. Be freshly bathed and ready to receive me at 7:30 sharp. You are dismissed.” His voice no longer carried that controlled authority. The girl pulled up her knickers and raced from the room.

Even though Samantha’s fulsome cheeks were covered with bright welts, her engorged pussy just kept oozing viscous cream. Even though she’d just taken a harsh thrashing, she was still smiling like a Cheshire cat.
“Tell me, young lady, are you strictly lesbian… or do you know what to do with a hard cock?”

Sam kept smiling as her gaze dropped from Mr. Jones’ eyes to the bulge in his trousers. “Do you have a condom handy, sir?”

“Er… no… I… uh…”

Enjoying that their roles had just switched instantaneously, Sam smirked, “That’s okay, but I’m at my most fertile time in my cycle and am so turned-on right now, we better not put this in my pussy,” she whispered as she withdrew his cock from his pants. “Mind if I take matters in hand…?”

Mr. Jones feared that she meant that she was going to wank him off. He’d become smitten by this girl and craved more intimacy. But instead she licked the length of his shaft, spit on its head, twisted back over the stool and fingered some jism from her sex up the crack of her ass.
“I love it in the butt! Wanna do me where it’s dirty?”

He did. Samantha climaxed repeatedly from the rogering, making it all the more difficult for Mr. Jones to forestall his orgasm, as her rectum seemed to suck on him like another mouth.

“Tell me something, sir…”

“Yeah…” he grunted.

“After you cane Charlotte tonight in front of all us roommates… I imagine that it’s going to turn you on all over again… I know that it will me… well, do you think you could fuck my ass for me then, too…?”

The thought of it proved too much for the poor headmaster, and he unloaded, “Yes, Samantha! Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes!”


Loved it Keiter’s, great erotic writing!