Three Naughty Sisters – Part Eight

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Mummy is at the end of her tether today, the girls have been a nuisance all morning, and truth be known, they have been difficult all week. It is Sunday, people are mowing lawns, washing cars and generally not doing much. Sunday dinners are being prepared, or picnic bags being packed, it is 11 o’clock.

Behind their house are two families, both with teenage children. Boys are playing football, some girls are skipping, and a couple of older ones are helping their mummies prepare dinner. On each side, neighbours are pottering in their gardens.

The girls are still in their night clothes, music is playing too loud, mummy has repeatedly told them to get dressed and help her.

“If I have to ask you one more time to turn the music down and get washed and dressed there will be trouble! Big trouble” shouts Mummy up to their window from the back garden as she walks to the compost heap.

Various comments filter through from the neighbours on both sides and behind…

“About time! A bit of peace on a Sunday morning would be nice!”

“Oooh Deborah, you do have your hands full with those girls!”

“It’s about time them girls learned some respect, it’s the same every Bloody Sunday!”

“Huh! Good luck with that one! I bet they can’t hear you with that racket!”

Poor Mummy, she tries her best.

Up in the bedroom the music is still playing…

The girls were giddy! Dancing and talking loudly, acting as they thought….was clever. “Listen to the old farts! Get a life!” Charlotte shouts.

Mummy is ashamed and storms back down the garden path!

Just as fight breaks out in her girls bedroom! Stephanie threw a cushion ar Samantha, and it caught her in the eye….she threw it back very hard, and it hurt her eye too! Charlotte laughed at them, and a kick alongside a punch was thrown!

“Owwww! You twat!”

“Don’t call me a twat….Fanny face!”

As mummy reached the back door, she heard comments about the girls bad language.

Mummy picked up a slipper, “Right, that’s it! You have had your warnings! You are all getting spanked, at the window for all to see!”

Gardening ceased, chores were left, people stopped what they were doing, everyone’s attention went to the girls bedroom window.

Mummy stormed upstairs! The music stopped and the three nervous girls stood near the window looking out at boys, girls, Mummies, Daddies, Granddads and Grandma’s looking up expectedly.

“Get to the window and bend over…..NOW!” Boomed a very angry mummy!

The three girls bent over, people looking up began to laugh and clap!

“Mummy started with Stephanie and lifted her top. Then she yanked her knickers down!

“Noooooooooo Mummy! Everyone will see my twopence!”

A huge laugh erupted and people began to jeer….

…to be continued