The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part Nine

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“So it was you Fae?” Asked Miss Black.

“gulp……yes Miss Black.”

Miss Black addressed the little group of naughty, trembling bottom girls.

“Amber, Sapphire and Charlotte, you are all getting a bare bottom spanking right now! Then you Fae are getting the cane.”

She moved over to the front desk.

“Amber! Here, now!” Her booming voice echoed.

Amber did as she was told.

“Over you get, you naughty girl!”

“Skirt up! Knickers down! For naughty girls!”

Smack, smack, crack, smack, smack!

“Owwwwww, oooooh!”

“Now get back to your seat Amber!”

A red faced, red bottomed, sniffling, embarrassed Amber made her way back to her seat.

Charlotte’s bare bottom as she sat there felt very vulnerable. Would she be next?

Come back soon to find out!