Mr. Jones’s Study – Part Four

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It was no great surprise to see these two back again.

“Back again I see, so your sore bottoms did not act as much of a deterrent then? I can see I will have to try harder, by punishing them harder and longer, you naughty girls. It’s no good sat there looking forlorn! This is all of your own making!”

“sorry Sir.”

“yes…we are very sorry Sir.”

“You will be, trust me!”

“If you two naughty girls carry on as you are, you will end up over the vaulting horse you see before you, and that rather stout senior cane will be wrapping right around your bare buttocks! That is not an ambition to sim for, trust me…Charlotte, stand up and face the flogging stool.”

The word flogging is a good word to use in this situation, a spanking puts the thought of a bottom bouncing under a firm hand, but a flogging sound much more serious. She flinched at the word, and stood up to face the flogging stool.

I could see her knees shaking. I announced her fate. “Today young lady, you are going to receive six with the junior tawse. And keep this in mind dear girl, if you visit me again, it will be the thicker, stiffer, senior tawse you get, and twice as many. I have it on good authority that it hurts twice as much! Over you go, and grip the rail.”

The rail on the flogging stool is low down, so it naturally makes a girl lift her feet off the floor or stretch on tip toe. A delightful position to use for beating a pair of naughty buttocks! I lifted her skirt to reveal a pristine pair of white school knickers.

I knelt down to pull her knickers down to her ankles…

Oh my word, what a wonderful bottom she had, her plump firm cheeks stood high and proud to receive the tawse. I looked up, and the sight took my breath away and made my ramrod of a manhood rise and throb!

My mind wandered down ‘Pervie Lane’ to imagine I was flat on my back under the stool, and was to watch as Samantha knelt over me to part Charlotte’s legs and lick her out, as I wanked…

I forced my mind back to reality and stood to give her wriggling bare bottom, six, firm, well aimed whacks….and then concentrate on Samantha’s equally shapely bottom.

More to follow!