Three Naughty Sisters – Part Nine

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How the neighbours all around loved their spanking. The cheered every smack, and applauded at regular intervals if a girl jumped up clutching her bottom or let out an extra loud squeal.

The girls were jeered and mocked. As they looked out of their window with hot painful bottoms having what seemed like red hot shocks of pain from the slipper, they could see no sympathy at all. In fact, people were shouting for it to be harder, and not to stop.

And there Mummy left them, squirming and blushing for a full hour. Slowly people went back to what they were doing.

Three naughty sisters had learnt a lesson, one they would remember for a long time, because all the smirks and smiles of the neighbours would not let them forget.

Now, what about school?

Coming next….’Three Naughty Sisters at School’

And then, if I can arrange shoots with broad minded venues, ‘Three Naughty Sisters Day out at….’



If you live in Derbyshire, and have a farm, a windmill, a grand garden etc…contact me, and you can meet the girls at your venue.

And see their bare bottoms and more!