If you read the interestingly sexy spanking stories that were submitted to my first writing competition, you will recognise the name Keiter.

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One of the joys of blogging is that it attracts like minded people, I have a lovely group of pen friends, and Keiter has become one of them. He has told me of his very naughty partner/girlfriend Jeanie…

I have asked if I can post excerpts from his mail, and happily he has said yes.

…Sometimes Jeanie simply states that she feels “insatiable.”

That means she’s in need of a lot of attention. Sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes it’s punishment-oriented. Sunday it was both. The evening ended with me giving her a thorough dose of the strap and a taste of the cane with four moderate stripes. Then we made love one more time, this time in our favorite Doggy position, where I let myself climax.

Today Jeanie is the sweetest, most obedient, compliant, and loving of partners. She’s a Jeckell/Hyde submissive. I love her passionately.

Some of the photos you published recently were really hot, although none of them compares with my lover.

The one thing they did not document was the marks left behind after punishment. It hurts part of my soul to see Jeanie’s bottom heavily marked. She, on the other hand, loves it. As her Top, I recognize her occasional need for serious punishment and give it to her. She calls it “painting on the white canvas of her ass.”

…I want to sincerely & profusely thank you for posting all the Vintage Photos recently (especially the Glorious Bottoms ones)!

My dear Jeanie came across them…she promptly pulled her panties down and began masturbating.

“Imagine their audacity! Especially for that time!” she said.

“Imagine yours, you lascivious whore!” I jokingly chided my lover.

“Yes! You can spank me for it if you like, as soon as I climax…”

I waited, then spanked her, and we frolicked passionately right after. I fell asleep, my girlfriend did not.

Not half an hour later, I came out of our boudoir to find my girl, panty-less, jilling-off to those photos of yours once more.

I was a patient Top, waited for her screaming release, then paddled her deserving bottom very soundly. Inspired anew, we made love again, this time in a different, tighter orifice.

I told my chastised partner that I was going to email you and go into detail about our Sunday afternoon.

“You go first, then I get dibs on the computer to diddle to some of those photos!”

I promised her a thorough caning of her well-used bottom if she did.

She’s just smiling at me as I write you this. We’ll see…


P.S. You have permission to publish this on your site if you like, AS LONG AS YOU AGAIN USE ONLY THE PEN-NAME, Keiter (as you did for the Competition).

I think it would be beneficial for Jeanie to be “publicly chastised,” though I’m sure that it’ll only turn her on.


So Jeanie, there you are, in all your glory, for all to see. Yesterday I had 3000 visitors, so just think, you naughty girl, all day long people will be reading of your naughty ways. I am sure they will all agree, that you need to present your bottom, for a jolly good spanking! My readers are pretty equal in gender, I should say just edging towards female, maybe 55/45…. So I think that with reasonable certainty, some fingers will be probing pussies, and some hands will be wrapped around cocks as they read.