Butterflies and bottom marks!

So there I was sat on one of my garden chairs and Charlotte walks by, she stops and bends over on the garden path, which of course gets my attention.

It seems that by the path on a leaf is something lovely…

“Ooooooh Samantha, look at the butterfly over here, it’s ever so pretty!”

… Samantha trots up, excitedly. “Oh it is Charlotte, I’d love a dress in that pattern. Asa, Asa!! Come and look at this butterfly.”

“It’s alright my little darlings, there isn’t much room to see, you two enjoy the beauty of it, I don’t want to scare it off. Have a good long look, and when you have done I’ll come over.”

“Awww bless, you are kind and thoughtful….thank you, we’ll stop like this and not move, so it stays. Bend right over and look Charlotte.”

“Hmmm, good idea. And you are welcome.”

See what a gentleman I am?

…oh by the way, at the last shoot, we sat in the kitchen before we started, drinking tea and eating Victoria Sponge Cake, a bit of a habit for us now. The lovely soft blue velvet seats, hold a secret. The shape of their bottoms when they get up!

Not obvious, but stare at these a while, and you’ll make them out. I confess, that I rubbed the pussy shape and smacked the bottom shapes before they came back! Shhhh….our secret!