Mr. Jones’s Study – Part Five

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It was Samantha’s turn for the tawse now. We waited for Charlotte to compose herself. Her sniffing ceased, the study seemed deadly silent after the cracking of supple leather on soft buttocks and its accompanying squeals.

I looked over to Samatha’s face. It was sullen, remorseful and resigned to its fate.

“Change places!”

Shuffling, whimpering and movement followed. Charlotte gingerly lowered herself onto her seat, as Samantha bent over the flogging stool.

I raised her navy blue, knee length, pleated school skirt.

To reveal perfectly laundered, crisp, tightly stretched school panties. As I hooked my fingers deftly into the waistband my nose was only inches away. I could smell the fragrance of freshly washed cotton. I pulled them down and instantly my mind flashed to what sometimes seems a parralel dimension where my tongue buried deep into her dripping school girl cunt.

I forced my erotic daydream from my mind and stood, the tawse dangling menacingly from my hand as I surveyed my target. What a fine one it was.

I walked slowly, and somewhat cruelty around her so she would glimpse the instrument of punishment as it passed.

Instantly my mind returned to that other lusty world…

And in that sordid other world Samantha was about to take my rampant, shiny, purple headed glistening, pulsating cock into her mouth as Charlotte tawsed her bare bottom until I squirted into that guzzling orifice!

I reluctantly snapped out of it, and thrashed her extra hard, spitefully, because my dream was not true…

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