I can only tell you what people are happy to be told. Like most of my guests, this middle aged lady, writer, and spanking enthusiast has asked me to protect her reputation of a lady of good standing in her community.

I am only as good as my reputation, and I hope that you have seen over all the years, that I have never, ever, betrayed a confidence.

It’s the only way.

Mrs Yolandine (a non de plume) wishes to be known as Ma, and her Husband as Pa, although in the main, this is all down to Ma.

I have added Ma to my list of special guests, to see the rest (she is No – 13) click here…


I received a delightful e-mail saying how much they enjoyed my work, and if I thought her work good enough, would I publish it. It is more than good enough, her style of writing reads as easy as watching a trotting horse, and canters along at the same pace.

I hope to enhance them with my photographs.

Here is the first one…

‘Ye Olde Bottom Bare’…click here…


Number Two

‘The Webster Way’…click here…


Number Three

Pa write of his appreciation for Ma…


Number Four

Way Out West


Number Five

Ma’s Banat Bat


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8


More to come


I hope to illustrate her work, but I need to wait until I can justify a shoot. I like the idea of two older ladies spanking, and am intrigued by the photographic prospect.

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