The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 10

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The next one of the naughty girls to have to go to the front of the class for a bare bottom spanking was Sapphire.

“Up you get Sapphire, out you come” said Miss Black.

Resigned to what was to come, she got up awkwardly, reluctantly and nervously. Then made her way embarrassingly to the ample lap of the ferocious Miss Black.

Miss Black was not messing about. Over she went, quite matter of factly. Skirt came up, knickers where whipped down and a hard long no nonsense spanking was administered. The force of the big heavy hand, the speed of the slaps, the quickly increasing relentless pain took Sapphire by surprise!

How she squealed and wriggled.

Despite their desperate situation, the watching girls could not help letting out the odd giggle. The fashionable long legged proud schoolgirl was just a blubbering mess before them screaming loudly, begging for Miss Black to stop!

A spanking brings every girl to the same level, even the school fashion icon, flashing her pussy, crying, squirming, snot hanging from her nose,

“Owewwwwww, ooooooh, stop stop, owwwwww my bottom my bottom, it huuuuurts, owwww yeeeeeeeowwwww!”

Charlotte squirmed as the hard gaze of Miss Black settled on her, she looked away, nervously waiting for the dreaded command…

More soon.