More spanking writing from Ma…’Pa’s spanking poem to Ma’

Pa composes an Appreciation of Ma

: Pa thought what a lucky chap (he was)
: To have Ma for a walloping wife
: She had everything a Pa could want
: A whacking arm, a broad bare acre and plump terrain
: She gives and receives without fear or favour
: To family, friends and Neighbours
: But woe betide that man or woman
: who crosses the line, by accident or design
: their cheeks will be roasted and not to say toasted
: When all is said and done and at the end of day
: Ma is a national treasure
: who gains great pleasure from whacking a Bare (it also keeps her sane)
: and why not? ‘Tis a form of public service
: Like Knights of Old with their Sword, Ma has her Board
: and thank God for her

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