In Their House (upstairs) – Part One

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…after their shared spankings and masturbation down stairs, they came to the stairs. It was time to go up to do a few jobs and probably play. However, the act of getting up the stairs was never straight forward. The bannister rail is always a little sticky because they use it to rub against on occasions and take it in turns to go behind each other, to look at the view, or be viewed. Both equally exciting for our naughty pair.

It was Samantha’s turn to ride on the top deck, knowing her dear friend would be looking at her pussy as she rode the rail. Charlotte was excited to be behind, watching her friend’s bottom pump and pussy grind. They wiped the rail and mounted it.

“Oh Samantha, I love to see your bottom push up and down, bobbing away faster and faster.” Said Charlotte sexily.

“Then I will exaggerate my actions for you sweetheart.” Smiled Samatha as she straddled the bannister rail.

“Mmmmm, please do!” Encouraged Charlotte.

Then like two horses, they were off! Bottoms bobbing, pussies grinding, one watching eagerly, the other showing herself just as eagerly….moans from both added to the erotically charged atmosphere.

Tits bounced, buttocks wobbled, pussies squelched to orgasm, as they rode the bannister as if in the Grand National…both orgasmed together, quite heroically!

They let the rail dry on its own, as the day passed, they would enjoy the naughty sticky reminder. Then calmly, almost as if the gallop had not happened, they polished the stairs.

In the shadows and sweet light, the girls made their way upwards…

Trust me, you will like it upstairs!