Mr Jones’s Study – Part Seven

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I forced my mind back to professionalism, and put on my strict no nonsense persona. I walked to their side, “Right young ladies, let’s get these bottoms bare for a dozen each shall we?”

The went stiff, and I heard two sharp intakes of breath.

I moved behind them and slid their tight little knickers down to their ankles.

As I knelt there, with the hem of Charlotte’s knickers in my fingers I looked up, and the naughty side of my mind took over again. It was getting stronger, I succumbed easily.

I imagined myself offering an alternative…”let me fuck you both and you will not get caned.”

My mind conversation was continued, as I stopped gawping at Charlotte’s cunt and saw Samanth turn to say…”yes please Sir, and do it slow, a few strokes at a time in each of us, and don’t forget our tight little bottoms will you Sir…lets see your knob…get it out and fuck us Sir.”

“Mmmmm yes Sir, fuck our tight little holes.” Added Charlotte.

“Get a grip man!” I told myself.

The only thing I really wanted to grip was their hips as I went to the hilt, feeling their alternate bottoms slap against my belly! But no…it had only been seconds, although it felt longer. I stood and picked up the tawse, to whack their fine bottoms mercilessly for tempting me so!

I made each one take a small step back in turn, six to Charlotte, six to Samantha and back to each, using a backhand swing to full extend. My word, did they jump and howl!

More to come. The vaulting horse next!