In their house (upstairs) – Part Two

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Scroll down the story and it splits into three directions, you’ll find it, and I think you will enjoy the search!


After riding the bannister rail to orgasm, our two delightful young friends continue cleaning the stairs. They reach a window overlooking the garden where you have just seen them hang out their knickers on the washing line.

They clean it…

This is a short section, but I just could not go by this window with them. It invited me to stop. The photos are not revealing either, I know. But this lovely old house, just seemed to welcome us, and asked at every corner, it would have been a shame not to stop a while.

Atmospheric aren’t they. I now wish I had dashed downstairs and taken a photo looking up from outside….but I didn’t….lol

Can you see the rail on the landing? They spank each other when they reach that!

More to come, Asa.