The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 11

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It was now the turn of Charlotte to go to the front for a bare bottom spanking. Because she had been caught masturbating with her knickers down, she was already sat bare bottomed, feeling very vulnerable.

Miss Black once again boomed out her commands. “Out you come then young lady! How fitting that you have no knickers on!”

The other girls, despite their predicament could not help but smile as naughty Charlotte stood up from her desk, her bare bottom poking out.

She made her way to Miss Black’s ample soft lap.

Her much admired curvy bare bottom wiggled its way towards it’s fate, all the girls eyes were glued to it, especially Sapphire, her bottom still warm from her spanking.

“Over you go!” Came the loud and clear instruction.

Charlotte just could not help the way she bent over, almost like diving into a swimming pool, head down bottom up. The sight so excited Sapphire that despite being before Miss Black her pussy demanded attention!

Once settled over Miss Black’s knee, Miss Black Focussed on the job to hand, Charlotte’s lovely bottom began to bounce quite magnificently!

Fae tucked her finger tips in her knickers, and fiddled away, but Sapphire took it to another level and fingered herself frantically, knowing that Miss Black would not be looking anywhere except Charlotte’s cheeks.

Both girls had an orgasm before Charlotte’s spanking was over, and Miss Black told Charlotte to return to her seat when it was.

Charlotte put her white panties back on and sat down with a wince, Miss Black turned her attention to the girl who had drawn the insult to Miss Black on the blackboard. The room went chillingly quiet…

More to follow…