The Inveigle – Chapter Nine

Chapter 9: The girls acquaint themselves with the Inveigle

The girls did as she suggested and walked down the stairs to the foyer. Even the stairs were wonderful in their own way. They were all red, apart from a graceful mahogany handrail sat on black shiny painted wrought iron. The treads were covered in plush red carpet with mahogany stair rods with brass finials. It was full of curves and enticing corners as it met the various floors.

Beautiful works of art in mahogany frames were spaced evenly all the way down the stairs as well as and on the landings. Most of them had an erotic theme of some sort and were beautifully painted. This really was a very sexual place. The building almost talked naughtily to you as you wandered its corridors.

Oil lamps glowed softly nearly all day and night, because some corridors had little or no windows. They bumped into one of the Tease Maids who had Helped Kate make their bath, filling one of the lamps (provocatively). She looked gorgeous in her black and white maid outfit, pulled up high as she smiled over her shoulder.

‘‘Hello, how are you today?’’ asked the girl.

‘‘We are fine thank you, and you?’’ answered Samantha.

She smiled and did a little curtsey. ‘‘Very well thank you, we hope you like it here.’’

‘‘Oh I am sure we will especially if naughty girls like you keep popping up! You need your naughty bottom smacking you do!’’ replied Charlotte in a happy voice, then added quickly. ‘‘We do already! Oh, we never asked your name yesterday, what is it?”

She smiled and said her name was Rosie, and agreed wholeheartedly that her naughty bottom needed spanking.

They carried on with their exploration.

The purpose of the erotic spanking paintings on the walls, was to keep the visitors aroused and ‘in the mood’ as they made their way to the room of their choice.

But for the people who lived there it was almost like swimming in a sea of sensuality. Especially when the paintings in between the spanking ones were those of the Inveigle Girls.

It seeped into them at every opportunity and made all the girls develop a high sexual desire. It was like a drug, almost like having a transfusion drip of sex in your arm all day long. Slowly but surely the girls would drink it in every day to become high class temptations to the equally high society of the Victorian lady.

Even the small tables and windows had spanking ornaments resting upon them.

Abigail was a very clever and astute woman. She knew exactly what she was doing, both for the customers and for the girls.

The girls walked down to the foyer, and a sight reminiscent of a school room greeted them. Grouped around two tables full of arts and crafts equipment were the Inveigle Chorus Girls, not dressed in their everyday clothes, but in the main naked!

A Mr.Trentham photograph of some Inveigle Chorus Girls

They were making and decorating masquerade masks, of all colours, including silver and gold. Pots of feathers and shaped cut card rested everywhere, along with ribbons and beads.

A Mr.Trentham photograph of some Inveigle Girls happily at work making costumes for the Saturday Night Spanking Shows

Their chattering stopped as the two new arrivals approached. They all seemed friendly enough and soon began answering questions that the new star turns asked. They were given two gifts of masquerade masks, both half masks on sticks, one silver and the other gold. After spending half an hour getting to know the girls, Charlotte and Samantha walked away giggling as they talked to each other through the masks. One of the lower chorus girls, named Lucy, watched them walk away with malice and resentment in her heart and eyes. She had stupidly hoped to be the next chosen star.

This journey encapsulated the hierarchy of The Inveigle. Abigail was obviously the matriarch and decided everything. Below her were her hand-picked stars. A step below them were the Chorus Girls they had just talked to, some with ambitions to become one of Mummy Bear’s shining stars, others content as they were. At the bottom were the young girls who did the minor roles. Charlotte and Samantha were very pleased with themselves, they had gone straight to the upper tier of The Inveigle hierarchy.

The girls retraced their steps up to the first floor, and walked along the corridor looking at the room names. All the doors were mahogany set in matching door frames, each with a small sign screwed to them. The chorus girls had their names in lower case italics, in gold, on a red background. The stars of the Inveigle had signs in upper case. The first one they found was Scarlet’s. Nervous and excited they knocked. Movement was heard and the door opened briskly.

Scarlet – The Inveigle’s ‘rocking horse specialist’

A Mr.Trentham photograph of the real Sapphire

‘‘Oh, hello you two! Come along in, please take a seat by the window, I have coffee boiling. Do you like coffee?’’

Neither had ever tried it, but it smelled lovely. They both said yes.

The tea and coffee sets in the glass fronted cabinet were beautiful. All were green and cream, with red and orange flowers on. Every cup had a round base, and then flared up into a square rim. They were very striking.

‘‘Do you like my tea service? Isn’t it gorgeous. Mummy Bear got it for me last Christmas. She always gets her stars a present you know.’’

They sat on the seats which were in the bay window. The curtains were rich red and black. A vase of red roses took centre position on the window ledge. The end of one stem was broken, and it was obvious where it had gone to. Scarlet was dressed as a ‘masher’, and looked shockingly naughty in tight black trousers over spats, white shirt, waistcoat and bow tie. Her black jacket, with tails had the red rose in the lapel. Her well-brushed shiny top hat rested on her window seat space, and on top of that was a pair of white waiter gloves with black studs.

They looked around the room. On the black brushed flecked wallpapered walls were black and white photographs of stage goddesses. Also on the walls were a collection of violins. In one of the corners of the room was a music stand and a piano. A table and chairs, and a red chaise lounge completed the furnishings. Two doors led off from the room. One led to a bedroom, which they could see was predominantly black and red too, whilst the other led to a modern bathroom all in black and white, except for polished gold taps.

Their eyes were drawn to an unusual piece of apparatus by the fire. It looked like a large rocking horse, but sticking up in the middle of the saddle was a leather dildo. At the front were two handles with leather grips. Alongside this larger horse stood a smaller rocking horse, also with a saddle, but no dildo.

Scarlet smiled at the girls and introduced ‘Bessie’.

‘‘This is one of the many reasons they come, I do all sorts, but this seems to be a favourite.” She patted it’s fine horse shaped rump and said. ‘‘Giddy-up Bessie!’’

The horse rocked back and forth with well-oiled ease, and making a lovely creaking sound. The straps and stirrups clinked together. The stirrups had fastening straps and what resembled a pair of leather handcuffs were attached to the head.

Then turning to the other, smaller rocking horse, Scarlet said “And this little chap is Neddy.”

Charlotte and Samantha, looked at Neddy, and then stood up to examine the magnificent rampant beast.

‘‘What does it do?’’ asked a curious Charlotte.

‘‘Can’t you guess? They ride the fucking thing in a frenzy, whilst I whip their arses with a riding crop until they reach a climax! It’s not quite as simple as that. We have lots of play on the way.

I could explain more fully if you like. Care to try it? Or I could show you how it works, but not on this one. I have my own. My clients ask which of us has worked their pussy up to a lather on here, and I tell them what they want to hear. If they thought their cunt juice was mixing with yours for instance, they would go wild!”

She went to her bedroom and came out with a dapple grey version. This had a lovely horses head similar to a cranky horse on a fairground ride.

The two girls looked at the beautiful beast and back towards Sapphire. Charlotte spoke to her on their behalf.

‘‘We would love you to show it to us, and maybe, one day we’d like a gallop!’’

‘‘Okay, let me give you a demonstration then,” said Sapphire.

The best kept secret in The Inveigle was the secret passages, only known to Abigail and Eleanor. She trusted the girls, but these passages between the walls served a double purpose. The first to keep a watchful eye now and then as some customers could get rough. The other, far more exciting purpose, was to watch the girls perform. Abigail was looking through a small undetectable spy hole at the proceedings.

Sapphire slide her trousers down and kept the top half of her attire on. She oiled the upright purple erection on the horse’s saddle, and put her left foot in the stirrup.

Charlotte guided the phallus into Scarlet’s wet cunt.

She threw two riding crops to the girls. ‘‘Not too hard, I don’t want any marks visible for the show, stand one each side and make me gallop!’’

The beast began to rock, and creak, as she stepped over and put her right foot in the other stirrup. ‘‘At this point I would fasten the clients feet and hands in, but I can assure you girls, I won’t try to wriggle out.’’

The girls picked up the crops and took their place at each side ready to whip Sapphires’s well-presented buttocks as she sat astride the horse. Both were right handed, so Charlotte, being stood to the right, would have to make a backwards swing.

Sapphire slid down the full length of the purple cock with its soft rubber lubricated sheath, and began to ride the stallion hard. Her hair began to move back and forth. She looked wonderful.

Unable to resist the temptation any longer, the two girls started to whip Sapphire’s exposed bottom.

Swish,whack, crack, swish, whack, crack!

The girls found it hard not to use too much force and thought how wonderful it would be to really thrash a rider much harder.

Sapphire galloped and begged the girls to speed up their whipping.

Swish,whack, crack, swish, whack, crack!

The girls didn’t disappoint her. They stepped up the pace of the whipping, but she did not gallop for long as she soon squealed an orgasm.

The girls slowed down and stopped, and Sapphire draped forward over the horses head, gasping, “Thank you girls. That was a most exhilarating ride! It’s just what a naughty young lady needs to make her feel really alive in the morning! Thank you.”

As she often did, Charlotte asked a question which did not quite fit the occasion. Expecting a question about her orgasm or the spanking, she asked Sapphire ‘‘What’s your horse called?’’

Sapphire laughed quite uncontrollably and said its name was ‘Dotty.’

Charlotte blushed, Samantha laughed, and Abigail watched the scene with fascination through the spy-hole. What a unique wonderful world she had created.

Amber – The Inveigle’s ‘Head Tease Maid’

After many hugs and kisses, the two girls left to climb another set of stairs to see what Amber’s room had to offer. Abigail slid the cover back into place and squeezed down the passage quietly to go and see.

The girls soon found the room and knocked on the door. ‘‘Come in!’’

They opened the door to see a pale lilac wallpapered room, with white curtains and furniture. Amber was completely naked apart from her slippers.

‘‘Would you like tea? Or would you prefer something stronger maybe?’’

‘‘Tea would be fine, thank you,’’ answered Samantha, politely. Charlotte agreed.

The cover on the spy hole slid open, Abigail peered in.

Ostrich feathers in lilac and white were stood in vases on the floor. Peacock feathers stood in vases each side of a pretty fireplace. Each wall had a huge mirror in a gilt frame. The room looked like something Marie Antoinette might have had.

‘‘Who have you just been to see? Or am I the first?’’ enquired Amber.

‘‘We have just come from Sapphire’s room,’’ they both responded at the same time.

‘‘Oh right, you’ll have been galloping about the meadows of spanking hollow then!’’

They all laughed and left it there.

Charlotte was getting bolder by the second with everyone and asked. ‘‘So what do you specialise in then?’’

Amber raised an eyebrow and turned to pour the tea, with legs straight, bottom up.

The two girls went quiet and admired her lithe young body. It was firm, young and ripe.

Amber passed the tea in two steaming plain lilac cups and saucers, with gold edging.

They all sat down on three comfy arm chairs which were arranged in a little triangle with a small table in the centre. Amber had just set the tray down in a similar manner and sat down herself. ‘‘I do this.’’

The girls looked to each other with a puzzled expression on their faces. Had they missed something?

Amber giggled naughtily. She was playing with them.

‘‘I’m so sorry, I was hoping you’d guess. I do all sorts of things, but like most of us they are spanking orientated. I like to be their naughty maid, very often a naked maid, with just a little apron. I serve them tea and do lots of bending over for them. Then I usually do something like drop a plate. That’s why I don’t have an expensive set for popular use! Then they punish me in any way they like…

…and I enjoy it more than I should do in ‘proper society’ and usually end up satisfying them.’’

The two girls rose to the occasion. Charlotte set her cup down on the floor and asked for a lump of sugar.

Amber smiled and stood to take the pair of sugar lumps in her delicate hand, bent right over Samantha’s knees and placed one hand on the chair arm next to her. She reached over, looked up and over her shoulder and smiled. ‘‘There you are Madam.’’

Charlotte let out an audible gasp of admiration at the way it was done. One of the mirrors reached to the floor and she could see the vision of sexual beauty twice.

‘‘The mirrors are wonderful, but there seems to be a smudge right up in the corner of this one next to me, can you attend to it please?’’

Amber stood up straight and walked to Charlotte’s side to place one foot onto the chair arm at her left with her thigh was within an inch or two of Charlotte’s face. She then stretched her body to make the remaining leg lift delicately and her right bottom cheek pushed softly towards her face. Not exactly knowing where the idea came from Charlotte licked the crack of Amber’s bottom from bottom to top.

Samantha looked ever so slightly jealous, leaned over and smacked Amber’s bottom.

‘‘Stop tempting her you naughty maid, she’s mine!’’

Charlotte beamed with self satisfaction and looked to Samantha. Once again the feeling of love rose to envelop them in a rose pink mist, kiss them on the nose and gently subside.

‘‘Thank you Samantha, you have no idea what it means when I hear you say something like. Yes I’m yours, forever, totally.’’

Abigail nodded in satisfaction to herself. This is just what The Inveigle needed, a double act, two girls obviously in love.

Amber stood down, feeling privileged to have witnessed such a display of affection. It was something she craved for herself.

‘‘So what do you think? Do you like my room and what I have to offer?’’

They both agreed avidly that they loved the room, her charming ways and her very spankable bottom.

‘‘When you have settled in, I’ll come and serve you tea then, but be warned, I can be very clumsy!’’

Samantha raised her eyebrow and looked strictly into Amber’s eyes. ‘‘Oh I have ways of dealing with clumsiness.’’

It was Charlotte’s turn to feel a little twinge of jealousy. She pouted her lips and said briskly. ‘‘Then I am serving you too!’’

Samantha and Amber looked at each other and laughed. Charlotte blushed, but then joined in the mirth.

Abigail allowed herself a silent chuckle too.

Goodbyes was said in an embrace and kisses on the cheeks. The door closed behind them. They looked at each other and were both having similar thoughts. ‘‘How on earth are we supposed to compete with all these stars?’’
Eleanor – The Inveigle’s ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ & principal domme

Victoria’s room wasn’t ready yet as she had only just returned to The Inveigle. She was busy at the task all day and they didn’t see her, so they walked to the end of a corridor to a bigger room, which had double doors with big octagonal brass handles. Samantha jumped in before Charlotte to knock on this one.

The room opened and the first thing that hit them was a magnificent floor to ceiling set of French Windows which led onto a balcony. Light streamed in. It was glorious. Then as they looked around they were, for one of the few times in their life, shocked. It was a dungeon of sorts. Chains and tethers hung from the ceiling and walls. The array of canes and floggers along with an assortment of whips took them by surprise. Paddles and leather soled slippers were neatly arranged in racks. The decor was sexy, in an opulent way. In Victorian days animal skins were valued for their beauty and used as decorations. Before the fireplace was the skin of a black panther, its head still joined and snarling. On one wall was a leopard, another a cheetah, and a jaguar skin hung behind them. Furs of all kinds were draped over chairs. Glass eyes stared from them. The walls were black, the curtains were black, the carpet was black. But splashed like blood were exotic dashes of crimson red, beautifully made artificial poppies. An odd cushion shaped as lips was also bright red. The edge to a black chaise lounge was red, and in vases in strategic places were bright red displays of dyed ostrich feathers.

The first swivel chair any of the two girls had seen spun round before them. The bright happy face of Eleanor greeted them with a happy smile. ‘‘Don’t look so terrified and shocked! I’m quite nice really!’’

Then the whip cracked within an inch or so of their toes.

They both jumped.

‘‘Oh yes I can make the ladies dance in here. They are terrified of my little helper but love to dance before it, even on the balcony under the moon!’’

Stocks and frameworks for restraint were stood everywhere, and a horse similar to Scarlet’s was stood on the balcony, but it was exaggerated in its dimensions. Whoever rode it would have their legs straight and bottom up high.

‘‘This way girls, follow me.” She guided them to another room which was a simple sitting room, which looked more like a library, with so many books in bookcases that were lined along the walls. She explained that her books were a passion and that she had some unusual ones in her collection. Her eyes twinkled and her ruby red lips smiled. They knew straight away what she meant.

Another cup of tea followed, and the need to pee grew accordingly. The spy hole slid open unnoticed. Abigail was almost out of breath.

The two girls told her of the day so far and that this room did not really need a lot of explaining. ‘‘But do tell, do some women really crave harsh punishment, I mean really harsh, almost like judicial?’’ the girls asked.

‘‘Of course they do! Even if they don’t when when they first come through my door, full of curiosity, they do after I tell them about it in my bed, over there.” She said as she waved her hand towards her bed.

The reply given to them was so simple that the truth was irrefutable.

A Mr.Trentham photograph of the real Elenour.

‘‘I’m never short of paying customers anyway. They come from far and wide for my talents. You see, we are the only female-female bawdy house there is and we have our theatre. We are like a flame to a moth. Where else would they go? Oh I know there are a few individuals here and there, but here, well, you can see for yourselves can’t you, it’s perfect. Its a beautiful place, with beautiful people like us, and we are growing in number, as you yourselves can testify. We are attracting the best talent and the best customers, and our ship has a wonderful captain in Abigail.’’ She sat down looking proud of her Inveigle appraisal.

Abigail felt smug too….she liked praise!

They sat and drank tea, whilst looking at some of the books. Some were albums of Mr.Trentham photographs taken in the dungeon room next door, and the two girls scrutinised them. Some were erotic novels. Others had illustrations of how to use slaves. The range of themes was endless and bountiful…and beautiful.

Nature took its course and the two girls relieved their bladders in the toilet room. This was another new experience the girls found fascinating, and Eleanor’s was quite exceptional, a spacious blue and white tiled affair.

They said goodbye and that they had a lot more exploring to do, and left to go to the last room.

Fae – The Inveigle’s principal submissive

The last room, belonging to Fae, was down two flights of stairs at the end of a long corridor. Fae’s room would be interesting and different, they just knew it. Her name had only been mentioned a few times, and each with a roll of the eyes or a giggle.

Abigail’s route was quicker, she already had her spy hole opened before the girls knocked.

The two girls entered yet another world, well that is not strictly true…. they entered two. Fae’s room had a sweet smell and smoke hung in the air. The first half was a version of an opium den, like what you would find in the Chinese Quarter of the city. It was all red and teak. The room had small compartments with pipes to smoke and liquids to drink, one green one was labelled absinthe. They were separated by screens which were pierced. The seats inside were Inveigle red and plush. From the ceiling chains hung down with large pierced brass oriental lamps attached burning scented oil. The room looked very mysterious and inviting.

But at the end of the room there was another door. They walked towards it and into a small school room. Perfect in every detail, it had double desks with metal legs and lift up tops, which had slates and chalk resting on them. There were maps on the wall and books. To the left was a blackboard and easel, to the right was a teacher’s desk. Sat at it was Fae, dressed in a Victorian schoolgirl’s outfit. A collection of canes and straps, and slippers hung neatly down from wall pegs behind her, whilst at the side of the room stood a large wardrobe.

‘‘Hello you two, I’ve been waiting for you.’’ she said, smiling at them.

The two girls were almost in a daze. They had seen so much, whatever next? Charlotte did her usual thing and asked the obvious. ‘‘What happens in here then?’’

‘‘What, just in here or the room you have just walked through?’’ Fae didn’t use more words than she had to.

‘‘Both really,’’ replied Charlotte. There was something about Fae that the two new girls found absolutely wonderful, and alluring. She was direct and in control, yet at the same time exuded shyness. She didn’t make eye contact too often, but when she did it was quite electrifying. Her accent was from the North east of England. She was interesting and very sexy.

‘‘Ah, well you see next door we smoke and drink stuff. It sends you to cuckoo land, away with the little people. Have you tried it? It’s relaxing, both are made from poppy seeds.’’

Opium and laudanum were something the girls had not tried, and both looked quite shocked which amused Fae, who was obviously under the influence of the substances.

‘‘In this room is where I get my major fix. PAIN! I can take pain, and I like to be humiliated. I usually play the naughty young schoolgirl for my clients, who like being a strict schoolmistress or governess. I just love being put across their knee and spanked or bent over one of these desks, having my skirts lifted and drawers yanked down for a sound thrashing with a birch, cane or strap. I can take one hundred and twenty strokes of the cane quite easily!

I also really like being a slavegirl and I love being made to strip naked and flogged on my back and bum with a flogger or even with a whip with my hands tied up above my head to that hook that you can see up there hanging down from the ceiling! I am happy to indulge whatever their personal preference and just love the attention. I need to be used, and humiliated with things, before people.

This was obviously meant to shock as much as the opium and laudanum announcement, and both girls did look a little taken aback.

She walked to the back of the room and opened the wardrobe. A huge array of paddles, floggers, whips and other implements greeted their eyes.

‘‘This is my personal collection, all presents from my lady friends. Look each one has the name of the woman who gave it to me burnt on it somewhere.’’

The girls walked forward to take a peek.

‘‘One thing I don’t do is let them brand me, huh! I’m not having any of that, something similar happened once, and never again thank you very much. Look at this.’’ She drew her shoulder clear of her top garment and showed them a name, cut into her flesh. It was now a scar. She looked proudly at her scar.

The name was ‘Jacqueline.’

The girls didn’t ask. They knew they would find out one day. Silence descended on the room like a fog, and they thought it was time to leave but Fae walked to a booth, picked up a tube from a heated tall glass Turkish pipe and drew a long draw and spoke in a different tone. She put on a pair of round brass goggles, they blocked the light and helped her relax.

‘‘See ya! Glad you escaped the clutches of Jacqueline, that evil bitch needs a dagger in the heart. She’ll search for us you know. I hate her, so does Victoria. Let me tell you something.’’ She beckoned them close with a forefinger.

The two girls hated the reminder of the lady but walked closely together, hand in hand towards their new friend. They found it hard to concentrate on a girl in school uniform wearing brass goggles and a purple bowler hat, with a feather.

‘‘I saw inside the black cellar. It had the stench of blood and filled me with terror. Believe me, that takes some doing. She had implements and apparatus, which in all honesty I didn’t mind. They were well made and at first I thought oooh nice! But it wasn’t like here, it wasn’t a pleasure thing. Maybe for her the sick bitch, but not for me. She fucked my arse so many times with all sorts. But she had this thing she strapped to her groin and it was horrible, she made me bleed, she used it hard and fast. I never use that hole other than for shitting out of now! That bitch’s face was that of a shark. Her eyes went black when she used that on me. They had no feeling. It was lust for blood and pain which satisfied that merciless cow! If ever she gets to me, I’ll kill the bitch. I’ll use Bess on her arse and blow a hole right up to her fucking brains and beyond. You mark my words!’’

Charlotte just had to ask, ‘‘Who is Bess, we haven’t met a Bess?’’

Fae laughed a hearty laugh. ‘‘You are so naive, it’ll be the making or the breaking of you girl! Meet Bess.’’ She put her hand up her skirt and pulled out a small one handed blunderbuss.

Both the girls’ eyes went wide, and they fell silent.

‘‘Believe me girls, I’ll use this on her and laugh. I’d shove it right up to the bitches arse hole and pull the trigger after I say something I have wanted to say for years!’’

She waited for a response but all she got were two awestruck unblinking stares. They shuffled uneasily from foot to foot. They wanted to know what she would say, but words would not come out.

She looked from one to the other, leaned forward and said in a cold hearted voice. ‘‘I’d say that she had fucked my arse just one too many times, and it was my turn to fuck hers with this mother fucking bastard. I’d pull the trigger with a grin and …KABOOOOM!!”

Fae’s eyes rolled up into her head as she sank back into her chair, a grin spread across her face. She had slipped into another opium induced trance.

They held hands, looked at each other, and walked away quietly, back to the foyer.

The Inveigle’s spanking booths

Abigail knew they would be coming to her, so she rushed back down the passages and went to the door to look out onto the street. She did this often just to see who was about to protect her girls. She noticed that that woman was there again. She had been prowling around all day. She looked vaguely familiar.

The two girls walked up behind Abigail and said hello. Abigail turned to greet them and gave them both a hug.

The lady dressed in forest green with tan kid leather gloves and boots was watching the reflection in the pawn shop window opposite. She spoke to herself. ‘‘There you are, you little whores. Enjoy your happiness while you can. I’ll get you in my black cellar soon and whip your hide off.’’ She thrust her parasol up and strutted away.

Abigail turned to look at her, and thought that it was strange how she almost ran away.

The two girls said how much they had enjoyed their look around and that they were worn out, so Abigail told them to go to one last place and relax a while.

‘‘Where?’’ They both asked. Hadn’t they seen it all yet?

‘‘Let me take you to the spanking booths.’’

The two girls could hardly take any more in, but they followed obediently.

They walked down a long corridor which must have run all the way round the theatre, they went up some stairs and to a door. It was a mahogany door, with a brass sign. Which simply stated ‘The Booths’.

‘‘Come back to my room when you are relaxed, and we’ll have tea.’’

The two girls nodded and entered. The huge room was circular, with just what the door had said, small booths all the way around underneath mahogany archways. None had doors as this was the place for public spankings. Remarkably all the booths were full. As the girls made their way to the centre of the room they were met by the echo of slaps, spanks, smacks and yelps. Before them was a myriad of live action spanking scenes taking place. Customers were spanking Inveigle Girls, and some Inveigle Girls were spanking customers. Scenes of all descriptions were being acted out to suit the fantasies of the paying women. The public display was to enchant the onlookers and satisfy the exhibitionist or those desiring public humiliation.

In the middle of the room was a magnificent large red velvet-cushioned circular seat. It went up to a point in the middle like a bishop’s seat in a cathedral. The girls chose to sit down opposite one particular scene which they found rather exciting to watch. A young lady was held firmly down over a slightly older, but very attractive young Inveigle girl’s knee. Her skirts and petticoats had already been removed and her drawers pulled down to her ankles. The Inveigle girl was in the process of spanking the young lady’s bare bottom with her hand, the lady kicking and yelping with each harty smack. After a few minutes the Inveigle girl stopped spanking and started to gently caress the lady’s very curvaceous buttocks, her long elegant fingers straying occasionally into the groove between the lady’s cheeks. She then inserted her hand between the lady’s legs and started to finger her moist cunt in a very expert manner, causing the lady to wriggle with pleasure and moan loudly. After a while, she ceased pleasuring the girl and started to wallop her soundly again. Yelps replaced the moans once more. This pattern of alternating spanking and fingering continued for some time.

Charlotte and Samantha were riveted by the scene and started to become more and more aroused. Their hands strayed under each other’s dresses and their fingers worked each other’s pussies as they continued to watch the young lady’s spanking. Just as the latter was finally brought to a very hot-bottomed climax by the Inveigle girl, the room was filled with the noise of two other tumultuous orgasms, namely those of Charlotte and Samantha’s