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Modern (Spanking) Times

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Nobody could have guessed that it would be an exciting century. New ideas, technical progress, a new playing field for people with ideas and, above all, money opened up.

Even Lord Bellamy, a wealthy aristocrat and open-minded about technology, did not want to miss out on these opportunities, and a financial investment as a sponsor for a young Engineers and men with technical ideas. He had made a name for himself in the small university town and was a welcome guest at all faculties of the university. At one of these events he got to know Adrian Powell, a clever mind, ambitious, still young in years, but unfortunately without a fortune, his only real treasure was his young wife Emily.

In the conversation between Lord Ballamy and Mr. Powell, Adrian had convinced Lord Bellamy with his idea of founding a company to manufacture mechanical looms. Lord Bellamy was so enthusiastic about the idea that after just a few weeks it was decided to found the B&P company and an appointment was made with the notary.

On this day, of the solemn sealing of the founding of the B&P company, the opportunity arose for the first time…an invitation from Lord Bellamy to his country estate for both business partners to have dinner together with their wives.

From the first moment on, there was a friendship with men, which would last forever. It was however, quite different with the women, what with the social position of Lady Agatha Bellamy, who liked to be the center of attention. She loved to show off her wealth in public, while Emily endeavored to fight for her position and reputation in the company, as “First Lady”. and fought for the women of the class she herself came from, wanting an adequate salary and decent working conditions.

Equestrian fans are familiar with the term “mare bite” and after a few minutes the ladies were in a heated discussion about which of the two husbands is more important for the company. This was followed by a discussion about the power of money … and in return, knowledge and new ideas.

Lady Bellamy and Emily agreed to sort out the position of “First Lady”.

Since both women have no money of their own, (young Emily certainly not,) they decided to play a game, for their dignity. “If I had shown such a demeanor at your age, I would have been put on my knees like a little schoolgirl and spanked on my bare bottom so hard that I would not sit for three days”, was an indignant statement from Lady Bellamy.”So let’s have that as part of our cards game. “We play the simple game -High Card – Low Card-, from a deck of cards we have to say whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one, and with every mistake, we drop one of our clothes until one of us is in an ‘Eve Suit’,

“Then get ready to receive your punishment, “countered Emily.

“Let’s add a little spice to the game so that the loser is also aware of her position, she has to be punished and then pay an embarrassing forfeit. To fulfill the winner’s task!” suggested Lady Bellamy,

Emily accepted eagerly!.

Lady Bellamy fetched a deck of cards that she kept in the nearby dresser for her social bridge. The game started while at Lady Bellamy first the gloves, then shoes, were recorded as a loss, just after a few minutes Emily stood there wearing only her camisole, angry and disappointed with her Idea and this ridiculous wager.

“Child, it’s your turn,” triumphed Lady Bellamy, who was still clothed in front of the tear-streaked girl.

Emily had forgotten to concentrate on the game and to count the cards that were discarded … “High” …. Emily turned the card over, the Diamond 2, the lowest card in the whole game.

The shock ran through Emily’s body … The laughter and the joyful scream of Lady Bellamy, Emily would never be forgetten in her whole life. “Well my love you know what to do, shall I help you to unbutton your pants from your shirt? Lady Bellamy asked cheerfully.

With trembling hands Emiliy unbuttoned the pants from her shirt and stood almost naked in front of Lady Bellamy.

“You still remember what we agreed” ..? asked Lady Bellamy,.

Emily nodded silently. At that moment there was a knock on the door, Emily tried to cover herself as much as possible. Lady Bellamy, went to the door, it was one of the maids who was sent to fetch the ladies to end the evening with their husbands.

“Tell the gentlemen, we’ll be right there … but first you get the young man from the strange room that my husband has set up for him in the basement, and he should bring this strange device that my husband is so enthusiastic about.

The maid followed the order, she apologized to the gentlemen who were talking, saying that they wished to finish a game of cards, and would be there soon, and immediately went to the basement. She knocked on the door, “Mr. Pendax, the madam wishes to see you and you should bring the strange device with you, Lady Bellamy is expecting you in the boudoir.

While Lady Bellamy sat down on her ottoman, made herself comfortable and watched in amusement, Emily was still trying to get her youthful naked body hidden. “Well my dear, whoever acts like a cheeky schoolgirl should also be punished like one ….., may I ask you to come over my lap”

Reluctantly, but with the courage of desperation, Emily took this humble position, and after a brief moment of waiting, Lady Bellamy’s hand clapped inexorably upon Emily’s delicate white bottom. “I hope you now know where your social position is in the company, my dear” … Emily answered the question with an “Ouch” .. “You are the” First Lady “of B&P” ….. please let go of me. “In a moment, my dear… know that the punishment consists of two parts ..”

There is a knock at the door, “Come in,” cried Lady Bellamy, “I’m glad to see you, Mr. Pentax, and nice that you brought your camera with you … what did you call the photographic device?”

Emily dared not move while Mr. Petanx stood rigid in surprise and horror in front of Lady Bellamy, who was still sitting on her ottoman, and Emily over her lap.

“You showed my husband and me this photograph of the hunter in Africa who killed a lion. I would like to have a memory like that too. Since I will probably never kill a lion, I would be delighted if you would take a picture of me punishing this young lady…..One could hesitate and feel reluctance Mr. Pentax ….. But… You want my husband to continue promoting you, Mr. Pentax?”

Stunned by the situation and the motive Mr. Pentax opened his apparatus while Emily lay, trembling with fear and shame,across Lady Bellamy’s lap

Emily heard the instructions from Mr. Pentax, unable to even glance at the camera.” Kindly stay still please, and don’t move, “then Emily heard just one bang, a flash and then a pungent smell. “Thank you very much, Mr. Pentax … you can go … when do you think the masterpiece will be ready? “Please hand this photographic recording to me personally … and not a word to my husband, otherwise I will see to it that your project gets no further money from his finances.”

So with a submissive” Very good, madam “, Mr. Pentax said goodbye and disappeared with his camera into his office in the basement and went to work developing the photo.

Lady Bellamy loosened her grip and let Emily stand up, who had a bright red face and bottom because of the situation and lying upside down. “We should hurry up my dear, my husband doesn’t like to wait. Lady Bellamy grabbed Emily’s slit panties and spread them out in front of Emily’s face. “I believe that you can do without these tonight, we are late and it would take too long to button. You can pick up the panties personally tomorrow, then the photograph of Mr. Pentax is sure to be ready and you can see for yourself which of us two occupies the highest social position!”

After Emily was dressed, both women went back to their husbands, who were both glad that their wives got along so well.

The evening together was harmonious, even if Adrian noticed that his wife seemed a bit calmer and withdrawn.

Whether the photo really comes from Lady Bellamy’s estate or whether the story happened in a similar way … Who knows………

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