On the Patio – Part One

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…and so there they were, on the patio after hanging their knickers out to dry, and a walk through the garden, dead heading flowers, and looking in the pond. Even though the day was overcast, it was warm and muggy.

Always very easy to become aroused, the smell of early summer, the sound of bees and birds soon got our two favourite girls feeling close and intimate.

Before they knew it they were sharing long kisses, and gently squirming where they sat.

In that secluded area of the garden, it was safe from prying eyes. Fingertips began to play with erect nipples.

Warm soft palms rested on cool thighs, and fingertips tugged at cotton, hoping to reveal pert breasts. Breathing got faster, pussies became moist, eagerness began to take gentle control.

Samantha’s hand slid up Charlotte’s stockings, and on reaching her thigh, her legs began to part.

Things began to speed up, as clothes were removed with trembling excited fingers. The first kiss of cool shady summer air began to caress their skin, it was so very exciting.

More to follow…