In Their House (downstairs) – Part Two

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The stroking of bottoms, and watching each other bend and stretch, soon got the girls feeling naughty again. “Isn’t it lovely …all this, walking around near enough naked, just us, all alone?” Said Samantha.

“Ohhh it’s perfect, it’s what we were born for I reckon!” Charlotte replied, with a giggle.

“It’s lovely’ daring, and naughty isn’t …I love being naughty!” Chuckled a smiling Samantha.

“Do you now? Well, you know what naughty girls get! Bend over, right now!”

She did not have to hint at what she wanted any more, Charlotte knew straight away. So Samantha bent over for a spanking…

“We know each other so well don’t we? I knew I would only have to say naughty once!”

“Yes we do rather, don’t we!” Laughed Charlotte as she started to spank harder and faster. “Now tell me you are a naughty girl! And that you need a spanking! And push your bottom up to each smack!”

“Oooh yes, I do. I am very naughty! I need spanking lots! Spank me…spank me….spank me!”

And so their deliciously long day at home, full of satisfied pussies, bottoms, and desires, drifted endlessly on, and on…

More to come.