Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Eight

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“I am sorry to report that the girls behaviour got worse, it was as if their previous punishments had no effect. It was time for a dozen with the senior cane, a fearsome piece of the finest yellow, German, rattan. It is five feet long, and swishes about like a fishing rod.”…

Both came into my Study together, as usual.

I use the flogging horse in both directions, imagine it used north to south, long ways, or east to west, short ways. Samantha got it first, which I decided on doing ‘long ways’, hence her bottom would be stretched. I would like to say that Charlotte stood quaking as I flogged her friend, but I noticed little glances between them, and the look on Charlotte’s face was a drool rather than a gasp. Anyway, I pereservered, with their punishments.

“Lay over the horse Samantha, tummy resting on it, legs gripping each side!” I instructed firmly.

This is an ungainly position, and as their legs are apart, I protect their modesty by sliding their knickers just to the base of the buttocks only, leaving me a concentrated area to aim at. By the end there will be a bright red band about six inches wide.

She got into position.

“That’s it! Now…legs out straight and keep them up!”

I moved around to walk in between her legs and pull her crisp white school panties down as far as I could. “Good Lord…my mind went into overdrive!”

As I walked up and took the waistband of her tight little knickers I could not help but imagine she had none on and I was delving in, to bury my face into that warm mushy cunt and rub my lips and tongue all over and in it!

I was in danger of ripping my zip down and disgracing myself, but managed to force myself back into reality! I slid my finger ends in, her pert bottom only inches from my aching face, and pulled. Perhaps a little, but hopefully unnoticed, it took a bit longer than it should.

I walked back into position, the little avenue laid out for thrashing was before me, I took aim…

I looked at her bottom, then looked up to Charlotte’s drooling mouth and…


More to come.