Up Skirt Evans

One of my most popular stories is ‘The Glory Days of Spanking’. Over 18000 downloads so far, thank you.

These photos will be like the rest of the story, in black and white, but it seems a shame for you not to see them in colour.

See the story, which will explain everything, here…


It tells you who ‘Upskirt Evans’ is in detail, but briefly…

A dear woman I met on here was telling me of her spankings as a girl, and I was using my girls to tell her story. She went for the cane to her Headmistress often, and although she did the caning, it was the School Secretary who assisted, by lifting the skirt etc.

She is a bit poorly, and it seems unlikely our contact will continue. So I am using what she told me to carry on.

Samantha is acting the Headmistress

Charlotte is acting Miss Evans

Stephanie is acting Karen

There are lots to come…

The Headmistress is sat in her office, there is an expected knock on the door…

In comes Miss Evans, and Karen, who has lost her temper in a hockey match and whacked another girl across the bottom with her hockey stick.

She is crying, if you go to see the Headmistress at this time of the day, it means one thing….a spanking, or worse….she has just seen the canes and tawses.

“Feeling sorry for yourself eh? I think you are feeling upset because you have been caught losing control and attacking a girl from ‘The Violet Marks Academy’. Their headmistress has been in touch before your bus got back! I have a good mind to wallop your bottom a dozen times with your hockey stick out on the hockey field!Let me have a look at your record.” She looked at the punishment records that the efficient Miss Evans passed her.

“Well, up until now young lady, you have been a good girl. I see I have spanked you before, n your knickers. THEY ARE COMING DOWN TODAY!”

Miss Evans watched her squirm as the news was given.

The Headmistress looked to her Secretery after considering what to do. “Hmmmm. Prepare her bare bottom for a bare bottom, long… hard! Spanking Miss Evans!”

“Awww…wwww…waaaah, no Miss, please Miss not on my…”

“Be quiet, don’t be silly! Let’s act grown up and get this done with! Carry on Miss Evans.”

“Of course, Headmistress.”

She looked to the ashen, tear streaked Karen. “Put your hockey stick on the desk Karen.”

“Now come back to the carpet, and face the wall behind the flogging horse. Then bend over.”

I bet the poor girl can feel the stern stare of the Headmistress on the back of her neck.
Doesn’t she look magnificently in control?

“The path you have started to tread today could very well end up with the flogging horse where you are stood, with your upturned bare bottom for six of the best with the cane! Think about that Karen!”

“Yes Miss.”

Miss Evans moved in to bare Karen’s bottom. She lifted her skirt to reveal bottle green school knickers.

Well, that is the introduction to Miss Evans, what happens now, is that we see various scenarios of her and the Headmistress in action…

Part Two…


Part Three…


Part Four…


Part Five…


Part Six..


Part Seven


Part Eight


Part Nine


Part Ten


Part Eleven


Part Twelve


Part Thirteen


Part Fourteen


Part Fifteen


Part Sixteen


Part Seventeen


Part Eighteen


In the story Charlotte goes to see Miss Tanner at home. You can see where I took the photos from here…


2 thoughts on “Up Skirt Evans

  1. I read the Karen story. It took me back to my school days. I was fascinated by cp. Yes navy blue knickers. Cane on hands in class. But always on bum if headmistress. A few on bare bum as well and two in front of entire school across knickers. It was a girls only in the 60s in North West England. Please get in touch loads of memories we could share.

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