The Wrong Socks – Part One

Another fine story from Mr.Reece. (One of my guests)

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The Wrong Socks. (Part one)

Mr Reece had taught at The St Helena School for
nearly two decades and for the last three years he had
taught as a senior Master. There was a slight pay increase
but the main perk for him, was that he was now empowered
with being able to inflict Corporal Punishment to any
Girls who broke the rules.

The procedures for punishing any misdemeanours were very
rigid and so he had to be careful not to overstep the
mark and punish a Girl just because it was something he
secretly enjoyed immensely! He was allowed to use
various implements on a Girl’s hands and on their
Bottoms. He wasn’t at all interested in making a Girl
hold out her hand and instead preferred to whack their
shapely buttocks when bent over provocatively. The Cane
was seen as the ultimate sanction so he had to have
a very good reason to punish a Girl in this manner.
This was rather a blow to his new powers of inflicting
Corporal Punishment, because if he had his way, even the
slightest transgression would result in a VERY sound
Caning to a Schoolgirl’s posterior. The other rule that
made the whole act of Caning a Girl rather frustrating was
that it was only permitted across the Girls skirt while she
was bent over a desk. He was allowed to instruct the Girl
to pull her skirt at the front so it had the effect of being
tightly stretched across her Bottom. This action in
itself, he found thrilling. It was almost as if the Girl was
asking for the Caning to be made more painful by
pulling her skirt tight! Also in his mind it added a distinct
sexual element to the punishment as the Girl lewdly
presented her feminine buttocks to full erotic effect, for
the act of Caning them.

Although he found it incredibly exciting to see the Cane
whack down on a tightly stretched Schoolgirl’s skirt, he
longed to be able to make the Girl raise her skirt and
see her tight Knickers in all their glory waiting for
the painful ‘kiss’ of the Cane. Of course his ultimate
dream was to be able to slowly pull those same knickers
down her thighs and to be able to Cane her on her
BARE Bottom …. Oh if only…. he thought to himself.
He resigned himself to the fact that he would never be
able to use the Cane very frequently and if he did it
would always have to be applied over the skirt……

That is until a wayward girl called Samantha moved
to the area and was enrolled at his School.
Mr Reece always remembered the first time he set eyes
on her at the beginning of a new term. His Cock had instantly
stirred in his trousers, the moment he saw her shapely
Bottom wiggle as she cavorted across the quadrangle
with some other Girls. Oh how he wanted her to be
the naughtiest Girl in the School and be a ripe candidate
for his Senior Cane to get to work on her rounded backside!!!
Well as it happened, certain events were going to
work very much in his favour!!!

Mr Reece always walked to School and would often
get to the school a good hour before classes started.
He knew that Samantha was not a border at the School
and discovered that she actually lived in a house on the
route he would take when walking to School.
He would often stare up at the single window on
the first floor at the front of the house and wonder if
that was Samantha’s bedroom. Then one morning as
he walked past in the drizzling rain he saw the net
curtain being pulled back and for a brief moment saw
her face looking out of the window. He suddenly felt
his Cock start to swell as he thought of her up
there putting on her School uniform. What he would give
to be in her bedroom helping her get dressed and pulling
her knickers up her smooth thighs and watch as the
soft material encased her plump Pussy lips at
the front and her soft buttocks at the rear!! He secretly
wished that she would put on something that was
against the school’s strict dress code. As he continued
walking with his engorged Cock rubbing against the front
of his trousers he made a mental note to check what she
was wearing every day, to see if he could reprimand her.
Then about a week later, as he walked past her house
again, he was surprised to see Samantha’s face at the
window once again. As he got closer he noticed that it
wasn’t just a quick glance outside, to see what the weather
was doing that morning. Instead, her face seemed contorted
and almost pressed to the window pane. It wasn’t until he
was right underneath the window that he heard the unmistakable
sounds of a Spanking being delivered!! He felt that he
couldn’t just stop and watch but he slowed down his pace
of walking. He was treated to the muffled sounds of Samantha’s
pleading voice as her Bottom was walloped. Mr Reece
thought he would spurt in his pants as his Cock sprung to
attention. This was the most exciting event he had experienced
in years. Little did he realise that this unexpected event was
going to lead to something FAR more exciting than Samantha’s
anguished face pressed against her bedroom window, on that
cold November morning…..

Finally he couldn’t resist and as he listened to
the unmistakable sound of an implement striking
a bare Bottom, he slowed his pace, almost to a standstill
and he turned and looked straight up at Samantha’s face……

He saw the soft lips of her mouth open wide as she wailed and
instantly thought of what those lips would feel like, encircling
his extremely aroused Penis!!!
He held her gaze for only a few seconds and then decided
that he should not intrude on this very private moment which
was obviously intended not only to be painful but extremely
humiliating. He realised that he had inadvertently provided the
humiliation factor and pushed his hand inside his trouser
pocket to fondle his aroused manhood and continued walking…
As he walked along the empty street he tried to imagine
what he would see if he was standing in the doorway of
Samantha’s bedroom. What he imagined, was very close to
what he would have actually seen……

Mr Reece got to the School gates about ten minutes
later, just as a snivelling Samantha was pulling
her knickers up over her very red Bottom and putting
on her uniform ready to walk to School….
…. Mr Reece quickly headed straight for the toilets
before other Teachers started arriving…..

….to be continued…

Well Sir I hope you like this one!
I haven’t really formulated where this is going
next but I’m sure something will ‘pop’ up!!!

Well done Mr.Reece, and thank you for the lovely words about my blog that you sent. I look forward to Part Two, as I suspect we all do!