Rhymin’ Robyn – No 1

You have already met my lovely editor and young spankaholic, Robyn…

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As well as Being an educated expert on the normal written word, she likes to pen the odd verse, ode, poem, or unusual writing, here is her first…

Women have such lovely bottoms:

Soft and smooth

Plump and pliable

Cute and creamy

Curvy and caressable

Pert and pleasing

Lovely and luscious

Ripe and rosy

Pretty and peachy

Bare and blushing

Warm and wobbly

Jutting and jouncy




Beautiful and bouncy

Fair and fleshy

Exquisite and erotic

Fleshy and fondlable

Round and ravishable

Strokable and, oh yes,…..highly spankable!

By Robyn