Rhymin’ Robyn – No 2

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Spanked to Orgasm

Skirts raised up and knickers slowly peeling
Down over soft white curves onto the floor pooling
Bared bottom revealed to the eye most arousing
Hand contacting naked flesh stroking and caressing
Then slapping and smacking
Pert buttocks bouncing and squirming
Meeting each slap, rhythmically rising and falling
Legs kicking, scissoring and revealing
Gasping and yelping, howling and screeching
Pretty derrière bucking and wriggling
Long blonde hair tossing and flying
Eyes shining and glistening
Tears now freely flowing and to the floor falling
Round rump now writhing and reddening
Smarting and stinging
An endless torrent of slapping and smacking
Landing on each flaming cheek alternating
Wetness and tingling between legs growing
Until finally surging to an ecstatic peak and climaxing

By Robyn