Rhymin Robyn – No 3

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Fetch the Martinet

Young Mademoiselle
You have gone too far this time
Bring me the martinet and remove your dress
Your pretty young derriere must be soundly whipped

I beg your pardon Madame
Do not whip me this day
I promise to be good and behave
Madame just shakes her head and picks up the whip

She forces the naughty young miss down across her lap
Her hand opens the slit of her white cotton split drawers
As though drawing the curtains back at the start of a theatre play
Revealing the beautiful round rump upon which the action must be staged

Swish, swish, the martinet rises and falls
The thin leather lashes splay across her bottom
Curling sensuously around each reddening cheek
Leaving a tracery of fine red lines

Again and again the whip visits her writhing buttocks
Stinging her flesh and bringing forth howls of pain
Stop Madame, please stop I implore you
I will be good from this time on

Madame takes no notice of her urgent cries and pleas
This naughty young miss must be taught a lesson that she will not forget
That soft curvaceous bottom must be thoroughly whipped
Until it is reddened with not a trace of whiteness remaining

Swish, swish goes the martinet
Curling around her bottom from left and right
Occasionally kissing her soft young thighs
And straying into the crack that divides her pert young bottom cheeks

The young mademoiselle kicks and wriggles to avoid the whip’s smarting lashes
But Madame just holds her more tightly around the waist
Chastising that errant young bottom again and again
No mercy is shown, the whipping must continue

Swish, swish goes the martinet
Playing its fiery tune
Swish, swish, goes the martinet
Leaving its distinctive red marks on mademoiselle’s once fair rump

Madame stops at last, her eyes shining with passion
The young miss now lies limply across Madame’s knee
Sobbing and crying, her eyes full of tears, all resistance gone
The martinet has delivered a salutary lesson that will certainly be remembered

By Robyn