Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Nine

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Samantha returned painfully to her place, and stood looking very serious, and rather red faced, before Charlotte, whom I now told to go to the flogging horse.

Samantha’s bottom must have been stinging and throbbing, but she managed to stand almost to attention, her cheeks were wet, and she kept sniffling. “Get up on to the horse Charlotte!”

Her grey pleated school skirt rose slightly, her plump young bottom stuck up proudly underneath it. I walked slowly to her, other than the ticking clock, and our breathing, along with sniffles, the room was quiet. The floor board creaked as I moved, to lift her skirt.

There she was, on tip toe, her tight white school panties stretched across her inviting soft, round, young buttocks. The horse displayed her perfectly. A very well presented bottom needed to be bare though, so I leaned in close and pulled down her school knickers.

“Oh my word!” I thought. “What a sight!” My manhood already stiff, now resembled an iron bar. I decided to thrash her young buttocks with a back hand swing. “God! She looks so fuckable like that.” I thought.

In my mind I was closer than I was in reality, moving in to lick her wet schoolgirl cunt out…

“Get a grip man!” I told myself, and back in reality I moved to her side.

…and thrashed her bottom!