Chapter Sixteen – Charlotte’s Beginning.

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Chapter 16: Charlotte displays herself on a webcam

Throughout this story, you have seen Charlotte spanked and caned in many different ways, but what is needed to complete this first part of ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, is an example of her being really naughty! What naughty misdeeds justified all her various punishments? What follows is a description of just one example of how naughty she can really be. This incident occurred before Miss Kenworthy was appointed as Head of Discipline, so it fell to me as Headmaster, Mr. Jones to deal with the incident.

Charlotte was, to say the least, not only a true submissive but also an out and out exhibitionist. She loved to flaunt her body to tease adolescent boys! She was what many people might be called a real ‘cock teaser’!

One day she had the bright idea of setting up a pay-to-view webcam site using her mobile phone to film herself in various partially naked erotic positions. Thus, during one school lunchtime, she found a quiet classroom, shut the door and placed her phone camera on a desk to film herself as she ‘performed’ to a drooling crowd of watching lads. Let’s pretend to be one of her paying ‘clients’ and watch the ‘performance’….

She stands coyly staring into the camera and asks if her ‘clients’ are ready….

”Are you ready boys? Feel free to undo your trousers and start to play with yourselves.”…..

She turns her back to the camera….

….and then slowly slides her knickers down her long shapely legs, until they drop to the floor to reveal her beautiful bottom….

She bends forward slightly, knowing full well that this presents her bottom to best advantage…

“Do you like what you see boys? I bet you’d love to touch my bottom, but you’ll have to be content with touching yourselves!”….

After a short while in which she caresses her own buttocks, she turns around and lies back on one of the many padded spanking benches the school has, with her legs in the air and knickers around her knees, her pussy clearly visible….

She criss-crosses her legs, providing tantalising glimpses of her now distinctly damp pussy…

Every time someone signs up to watch and ‘tips’ her, her phone makes a loud chinking noise. The money steadily roles in…£1 per person per watch!

She exhorts her eagerly watching clients with choice phrases, such as,

“Are you all wanking you naughty boys? Can you see my dripping wet cunt in my classroom? Shall I finger it for you?”

And so on her performance went….

Unbeknown to Charlotte, one of the younger lady teachers, Miss Knightley, just happened to be passing the classroom as the ‘chinks’ were pouring into Charlotte’s phone and she was loudly encouraging her watchers to wank away. Miss Knightley quietly opened the door and was confronted by the sight of Charlotte leaning back over the padded stool, holding her knickers around her thighs and her legs splayed wide, leaving very little to the imagination. To say that Miss Knightley was deeply shocked would probably be an understatement.

Miss Knightley, finally gathering her thoughts, angrily addressed Charlotte.,

“What on earth are you doing you dirty little girl? Lying there practically naked, showing yourself off in an obscene position to God knows who, is beyond belief! If you are so keen on displaying your private parts to all and sundry, let’s see what your audience thinks of your backside as well. I’m going to give your bare bottom a thorough spanking and let’s see which part of you they like best! After I’ve finished with you I’ll arrange for you to attend a special detention with the Headmaster, Mr. Jones. I am sure that he will be very interested to hear about what you’ve been up to young lady! Now get up off that desk and across my knee.”

Blushing with embarrassment, Charlotte got off the desk and draped herself over the teacher’s lap. The classroom was soon filled with the sound of bottom smacking and loud yelps from Charlotte, accompanied by a veritable blitz of ‘chings’ on her phone as more and more clients signed into her webcam site to watch the action! They had never had such a wonderful treat in all their lives!

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