Ma buys some summer shoes.

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Ma buys some summer shoes

: Ma went shopping for some shoes- she fancied some sandals to go with her new pantaloons,
: Ma was after a bright red pair to go with her ancient purple flair
: Now on the shoe shop floor was a portly girl with tattoos, chewing gum with a ring through her nose – and she looked at Ma as if to say difficult customer please go away..
: But it turned out that Ma’s antennae was great as she could sense that all was well with the girl. But then a false lash lady appeared caked in fake tan and a superior attitude. She turned up her nose at Ma’s chosen pair..saying “wrong colour, they’ll never suit you and besides which your feet are way too uncouth”
: Ma went crimson and grabbed the sandal and upended fake tan over the spindle “we’ll see about that and whilst am at it how real is that tan, will it bear the justice?”. Much to the tattoo girl’s delight up went the dress hem to reveal a bottom ivory white…
:but not for long for the red sandal whapped down upon those ovals left and right in quick succession, Ma’s wrist went flying..
: ‘Twas Miss Tattoo’s easiest sell- “that lady customer is simply swell”, she thought, dealing with Ms Fake Tan in the way that she did, there must be something to this bare bottom thing and asked Ma to demonstrate once more on her own ample bare which had developed an itch all of its own..
: But before she did Ms Fake Tan returned, rubbing her bottom with a grin on her face, to say to Ma that she was deeply touched, in more ways than one, that Ma should show her the error of her ways, and if any favour she could return..
: Ma said that’s kind, she’d have a think but meanwhile there was a young woman with an urge to fix..which Ma duly did when well-upholstered Miss Tattoo went over her knee, regulation trousers at half mast and panties down (of a different kind) revealing to Ma a buxom and dimpled bottom bare, white like marble except for a mark that looked like a sparrow or was it a marrow?
: Ma smiled and raised the sandal up and thwacked it down on a curvaceous cheek. Miss Tattoo thought it must be a first for an assistant to be walloped with her own stock..the sandal used was the store’s own brand. She sighed a sigh of deep content across Ma’s lap and waited for another whack…(that boyfriend of hers was in for a surprise when she got back!)
: On the way out with purchase in hand and Ms Fake Tan’s number in her bag, Ma called in to Managaress to confess the events of the morning’s shopping spree. Manageress said “that girl will go far knowing the value of rear end glow on a nice behind and Fake Tan will be back for more but now ‘tis time to deal with you for preremptory manner and bare-faced cheek!”
: and so saying she reached for newly purchased red sandals and put Ma over her knee, carefully removing clothes from the broad bare target and walloped away happily. Ma was ecstatic for her morning’s work had made her quite frantic. Managaress said as Ma’s bare orb turned red “we could market these as fundamentally sound”
: you can be sure that the product was tested on Manageress bare behind at her insistence and thus those shoes were the hit of the Season!…
: Pa played his part when Ma got home and she asked him “does my foot look big in this?” He said “not too bad but the real issue is will it be useful for a dose of this?” And for the umpteenth time that day those sandals went to work a-whacking away as Pa did his own test on Ma’s favourite bare place..