Chapter One – Karen’s Spanking

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The tall blonde 18 years old sixth former, Karen Smith, had really done it now! How could she have been so stupid? Until now her school record had been almost totally unblemished, apart from a few minor infringements of school rules when she was in the fifth form. These had normally resulted in writing lines in detention, apart from one occasion which she vividly remembered. She had ended up being put across the headmistress’s lap having her bottom hand spanked like a little girl for running in the corridor and knocking over the elderly RE teacher. It hadn’t been a particularly painful experience but it was nevertheless a very humiliating one which she didn’t want to repeat.

However, she knew that what she had done during the hockey this afternoon was in a totally different league to her previous misdemeanour. Sitting quietly on the school bus, she could feel her anxiety mounting as it steadily trundled back towards the school. She knew she’d get more than just a good telling off and a hand spanking if the headmistress’ reputation was anything to go by. She was aware that the headmistress didn’t just hand spank naughty girls over her knee. She had heard stories of other girls being slippered, strapped and caned hard, often on their bare bottoms. She had occasionally seen the results in the communal showers after PE.

Karen was normally a well controlled young lady, but somehow today she had lost it. One of the opposition players had deliberately tripped her up as she was dribbling the ball up the wing towards the opposition’s goal. It would have been a certain goal if the wretched girl hadn’t deliberately stuck her hockey stick between her legs causing her to fall. Without thinking she had jumped up and whacked her hockey stick hard across her opponent’s bottom, causing the girl to cry out loudly. The referee immediately stopped the game and sent her off the field in disgrace. The Head of PE, Miss Flood, had been furious at Karen and informed her that she would ensure that she had an appointment with the headmistress immediately on return to school.

On arrival back at school, Miss Flood had marched Karen to the headmistress’s secretary’s office, the young Miss Charlotte Evans.

Charlotte was immaculately dressed, her tight fitting magenta dress leaving very little to the imagination as to the curvaceousness of her figure and contrasting beautifully with her long blonde hair. She looked up as the pair entered the room with a look of excited anticipation on her face. This was to be her first time assisting the headmistress disciplining one of the girls.

“Ah, Karen the headmistress has been expecting you,” she said, standing up from her desk. “Follow me.”

Charlotte knocked on the headmistress’ door and ushered Karen into the study and followed her in.

“Thank you, Miss Evans. Will you please secure the door,” requested the headmistress.

“Of course, headmistress,” said Charlotte, as she slid a large brass bolt across to lock the door. She had learnt that the act of locking the door was part of the disciplinary process whenever a bare bottom spanking was in the offing. This was to ensure there were no unwelcome intrusions during the punishment. Most of the pupils also knew that when the headmistress locked the door, this signified that they would be punished on the bare. They dreaded the sound of the bolt being drawn across. It was almost like a judge’s hammer being used to signify the delivery of a death sentence!

Karen stood in front of Miss Tanner, her eyes downcast, still holding the offending hockey stick that she had whacked her opponent’s bottom with.

“Ah, there you are, you wretched girl,” said the headmistress, glaring angrily at Karen. Karen was so ashamed that she could hardly look at the headmistress, tears already in her eyes.

“Feeling sorry for yourself eh? I think you are feeling upset because you have been caught losing control and attacking a girl from The Violet Marks Academy. Their headmistress has been in touch before your bus got back! I have a good mind to wallop your bare bottom a dozen times with your hockey stick out on the hockey field in full view of the rest of the team! Let me have a look at your record.”

She looked at the punishment records that the efficient Miss Evans passed her.

“Well, up until now young lady, you have been a good girl. I see I have spanked you only once before, on your knickers. Well today, THEY ARE COMING DOWN!”

Miss Evans watched her squirm as the news was given. Even though Karen had heard the bolt being slid across and had already guessed that her knickers were coming down, the headmistress statement still came as a shock.

The Headmistress looked to her Secretary. “Prepare her bottom if you would Miss Evans for a long BARE bottom spanking!”

“Awww…wwww…, no Miss, please Miss not on my…”

“Be quiet girl, don’t be silly! Let’s act grown up and get this done with! Carry on Miss Evans.”

“Of course, Headmistress.”

Charlotte looked to the ashen faced Karen. “Put your hockey stick on the desk Karen,” she said pointing to the headmistress’ desk.

“Now come back to the carpet, face the wall over there behind the gym horse and bend over.”

Karen shuffled over to the spot indicated, feeling very apprehensive and sensing the stern gaze of the Headmistress’ eyes on the back of her neck. Charlotte stood to one side, her heart rate already rising as she admired the magnificent commanding presence of the headmistress in full ‘punishment mode’.

“The path you have started to tread today could very well end up with you bent over that gym horse in front of you with your upturned bare bottom awaiting six of the best with the cane! Think about that Karen!” said Miss Tanner.

“Yes Miss.”

“Miss Evans, please bare her bottom.”

Charlotte stepped behind Karen’s bent form. She grasped the hem of the dark blue pleated school skirt and carefully folded it up over Karen’s back, revealing her bottle green school knickers tightly stretched over her full, rounded buttocks.

Karen held her breath as she then felt Miss Evans elegant long fingers inserted into the waistband of her knickers. Charlotte licked her lips in anticipation as she ever so slowly peeled the knickers down to leave them rolled in a tight bunch at mid thigh. ‘What a lovely young bottom’, she thought. ‘So round and soft, with a pale creamy colouring.’ She would dearly have loved to caress it, but realised that that would be entirely unprofessional.

For some inexplicable reason, Karen found the act of bending over and having her bottom exposed to these two ladies strangely arousing as she felt a rush of cool air wafting around her nether regions.

Miss Tanner looked on, her hands on her hips, checking that her secretary was doing the ‘unveiling’ properly.

“Thank you Miss Evans. Now if you would kindly stand over there by my desk, I can get to work warming this young lady’s bottom.”

Charlotte stood back, her eyes riveted on Karen’s awaiting bottom. She was barely able to conceal the look of excitement she felt in witnessing her first ever spanking.

Miss Tanner took up position next to Karen and placed her left hand on the girl’s back. Then raising her arm up high she brought it down on Karen’s right cheek with a resounding SMACK! Karen let out an audible squeak as the ample flesh rippled as it absorbed the impact of the smack. A clearly recognisable red handprint blossomed on the otherwise creamy white flesh.

The headmistress paused and then lined up her next smack on Karen’s left cheek. Again it landed with a loud SMACK, creating a matching handprint to that on the other cheek.

Charlotte gazed in total awe, her hands clasped across her groin, gently pushing down through her skirt against her steadily moistening pussy.

After the slow opening salvo of smacks, Miss Tanner started to up the pace, slapping each cheek several times before transferring her attention to the other and then back again. Her arm rose higher and higher as she delivered harder and harder smacks, Karen’s little squeaks were soon replaced by loud squeals as the spanking became more and more intense. Karen’s bottom steadily reddening and wriggling under the onslaught. At one point she tried to stand and her hands strayed off her knees to try to shield her bottom.

“How dare you try to stand up young lady and cover your bottom. Do you want me to get Miss Evans to hold you down over my desk? If I have to do that, I’ll use something more painful than my hand. Do you want that?”

“Noooo Miss, but please, please not so hard,” whimpered Karen.

Miss Tanner resumed her spanking, maintaining a steady rhythm, occasionally delivering some smacks across Karen’s thighs. She had Karen’s buttocks in an almost constant state of wobbling as smack after smack reined down on her defenceless rear.

It reached a point where Karen could no longer maintain any sense of control and she started to howl out in pain and tears trickled down her face. She started to beg in a most embarrassing fashion, “Please Miss, please stop. It’s hurting so much. I can’t take much more!”

“It’s meant to hurt, young lady, so shut up!” shouted Miss Tanner, as she continued to wallop Karen’s now very red cheeks.

Charlotte was in a state of ecstasy. What she was witnessing far surpassed anything she had read or seen on the internet. She was in spanking heaven! The only regret she had was that she wished she could be the one actually delivering the spanking to this naughty girl. Still, seeing an actual spanking in the flesh was exciting enough for the moment. She couldn’t resist pressing harder down on her now dripping pussy as her level of arousal started to reach a peak. She just hoped that Miss Tanner was too busy belabouring Karen’s bottom to notice what she was doing.

Unbeknown to Charlotte, Miss Tanner was also feeling very aroused, but was unable to deal with her own needs whilst spanking this girl. She just loved her job! However, she was not exactly a pervert. She only punished girls who deserved it and she genuinely believed that a sound spanking did help to reform naughty young ladies. Did it really matter that she enjoyed spanking them if it had a positive educational value? She believed not.

At last, she delivered a final flurry of hard smacks, Karen’s bottom wriggling around in a most obscene fashion as it attempted to avoid them, with the distressed young lady positively ‘howling her head off’, tears dripping down onto the carpet at her feet.

“Right, young lady. I think that’ll do, but stay where you are for the moment. Miss Evans, perhaps you would like to inspect my handiwork more closely. I hope that you enjoyed my exhibition.”

“Oh yes, headmistress. Your ‘exhibition’ was most edifying!”

Charlotte wasted no time and bent down to look more closely at Karen’s well spanked bottom. She gently cupped her hand over the surface of each cheek, feeling the heat radiating off them.

“You’ve done an excellent job, headmistress.”

“I’m glad you think so! Now, would you be so kind as to help Karen get dressed and show her out. I hope, Karen, that you have learnt a lesson not to lose your temper and lash out next time. That is not the sort of behaviour we expect of grammar school girls, whatever the provocation. If this does occur again, it’ll be the cane you’ll feel across your bottom, so count yourself lucky I only used my hand!”

“Yes Miss, I’m very sorry for my poor behaviour. It won’t happen again,” said Karen in a very subdued voice, wiping tears from her face. She didn’t think she had got off lightly given the painful stinging sensations in her bottom. She had no desire to taste Miss Tanner’s cane.

Charlotte gently eased Karen’s knickers back up and smoothed down her skirt before escorting her out of the door.

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