My Stories ~ an update

Writing a story is quite hard, and time consuming, what with plots, time lines, and character development. But when like me, I decide to illustrate them with my photos, it becomes quite a task.

Finding a studio, buying props, gathering a team of girls you can trust, and that fit most type of characters, took a few years!

At first it was short stories, then I moved on to novels, illustrated ones!

A different ball game altogether, it can take ten shoots to do one chapter!

I have now got to the stage that quite a number are written, edited, and all photos taken.

Woo hoo!

But then, they need loading on to my blog and web site, with all chapters linking together etc. Not easy.

But today…

My first one is completed…

The first volume of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls is finished.

Click here…

Next to load up is Part Two – Kate’s story.

Of course, me being me, I still write new ones, still do vintage, still do my spanking artists etc etc etc…so progress is slow, but steady. If you like my stories, stick with me, I know my dilly dallying around is a bit annoying …lol.

But, I’ll get there, and like all hobbies, I hope it never ends anyway!