Comments and me, the elusive Asa Jones

I appreciate that a lot of you want to pass a comment. I love interaction with you, I welcome it. But some days I get 1000 or more comments, and I have to sift through them. Tick a box, approve, etc

99% of them want me to buy viagra….I don’t need it, I can stick up for myself in arguments or any other aspect of life thank you!

Or they want to give me a damn good fucking and make me scream…I am a man, a straight man, and have nothing against sexuality, gender, creed, beliefs, transgender, gay, black, yellow, disabled, pink or anything else, so thanks for the generous offer…but no thanks…lol

Or their product is so fantastic, that I might die of envy from all those who…

Blah, blah,blah,blahhhhh….BORING!

So, if you had tried to talk to me, and I seem aloof and rude. Trust me, I’m not. I try to reply to everybody I notice in a kind and courteous way.

But a lot of your comments just don’t get seen.

This is my hobby, I do it for free, just for the love of it. Please try again, or just click on contact and write to me. It might take a few days, but I will write back…to nice people.

Sorry, Asa

One thought on “Comments and me, the elusive Asa Jones

  1. Thanks I don’t often comment,but glad to know it is appreciated.I love most of your amazing site your vintage especially and others.I am an otk m/F or f/f fan first and foremost so those are the ones I normally comment on I sometimes rush through sites while I have a little spare time so that is why I don’t comment often unless I have time to catch something. I do want you to know I do enjoy your models and things you have shared and give you a well done for your thank you and have a great day.

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