The Spanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans – Chapter Two

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Charlotte is spanked and receives an invitation

On Friday afternoon at the end of Charlotte’s first week, Miss Tanner asked Charlotte to come into her study for a little chat about how things had gone, a sort of informal appraisal. Charlotte entered the study and was invited to sit down on a chair next to Miss Tanner’s desk. She was wearing a pair of loose-fitting, leopard skin patterned trousers, short black top and black high-heeled shoes, her attempt at a ‘dress-down Friday’ outfit.

“Well Charlotte, how have you found the job so far? Have you enjoyed yourself?”

Charlotte gave an enthusiastic nod, “Oh yes, Miss Tanner. I’m really enjoying being your secretary and (blushing slightly) being your assistant in disciplining the girls.”

“That’s good. I’ve been very pleased with what you have been doing. You’re proving to be a very efficient secretary and you’ve certainly been an invaluable helper on the disciplinary front this week. Thank you.” Miss Tanner was referring to the four naughty girls they had jointly ‘dealt with’. All four had just received hand spankings on the bare of which two had required Miss Evans to ‘restrain’ them.

Within the school, gossip rapidly spread and, by the end of the week, most girls had heard of the new secretary’s involvement in the headmistress’ disciplinary sessions. She had already gained the nickname ‘Upskirt Evans’, although some girls would have added ‘down knickers’ to this, having experienced first hand Miss Evans lowering their knickers to ‘half-mast’ to bare their bottoms!

After a short pause, Miss Tanner looked directly at Charlotte and enquired, “Have you given any more thought to my suggestion that you ought to experience a spanking to further your insight into corporal punishment as my helper?”

Charlotte was slightly taken aback by this direct question, although the thought of being spanked by the headmistress had kept resurfacing in her mind throughout the week. The thought had both frightened and excited her in equal measure.

Blushing, Charlotte cleared her throat and blurted out, “Actually, headmistress, I have given the matter a lot of thought….”

“And your conclusion, Charlotte was…?” asked Miss Tanner, with an encouraging smile and raised eyebrows.

“My conclusion, headmistress, is that….I think I’d like to experience a sp….spanking.”

“That’s excellent, Charlotte. You are very brave, but I’m sure that you may enjoy the experience and it will certainly strengthen your understanding of discipline as my spanking assistant. When would you like me to spank you? Would now be a convenient time?”

“Gosh! Crunch time!” thought Charlotte, suddenly feeling somewhat apprehensive, her hands unconsciously straying to her bottom. Over the week, she had witnessed a number of girls being spanked by the headmistress and all had left the study with very red, sore looking bottoms. Charlotte took a deep breath, now or never, “Yes, headmistress, I suppose now would be convenient.”

“I’m so pleased, Charlotte,” said Miss Tanner, rubbing her hands together.

Not wishing to give Charlotte the time to change her mind, she quickly stood up and turned her chair around into the room, before sitting back down again.

“Would you kindly lock my door so that we aren’t disturbed and then come and stand over here on my right side, Charlotte.”

Charlotte slid the brass bolt across the door as she had done on a number of occasions this week and then slowly returned to stand next to the headmistress’s chair feeling somewhat apprehensive.

“Please lower your trousers and knickers, young lady.”

Charlotte slowly peeled down her trousers and knicker and stood there feeling somewhat exposed, with butterflies now taking full flight in her stomach. Miss Tanner gave her a big smile as her eyes alighted on Charlotte’s delectable bottom. She was so used to spanking schoolgirl bottoms that she had almost forgotten how much more wonderful maturer ladies’ bottoms were…so much fuller and more rounded, and so much more spankable! She couldn’t wait to get started.

“Right, young lady, over my knee if you please.”

Giggling in nervous apprehension, Charlotte gently lowered herself across the headmistress’ awaiting lap. She started to feel rather aroused, bent half-naked over this lady’s knee.

Miss Tanner made a few adjustments to Charlotte’s lowered clothing and position across her lap. Charlotte then felt Miss Tanner’s hand caressing her bottom. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation almost purring with pleasure. Miss Tanner felt Charlotte relax across her lap.

“That’s it, young lady. Relax!” Miss Tanner said, as she continued to caress Charlotte’s soft cheeks. “You have such a lovely bottom, one certainly worthy of my attention.”

Charlotte smiled, “Oh thank you, Miss. I’ve often thought it was one of my best ‘assets’!

“I do like your tattoo,” Miss Tanner exclaimed, tracing the neat little bow that was engraved on Charlotte’s lower torso. “It reminds me of those lovely ribbons that Edwardian ladies used to tie up their open crotch split drawers at the back.”

“Ummh! How did you guess. That’s exactly what my tattoo is based on. In fact I actually have a pair of those drawers in my underwear collection. I picked them up at a vintage clothing sale last year. I sometimes wear them around my flat. They make me feel very sexy!”

“Oh really, how very interesting!” replied Miss Tanner, sensing that there was more to Charlotte than had first met her eye! “You must model them some time for me. You do know that such garments made it very easy to bare a girl’s bottom for punishment.”

Then laughing, she added, “Perhaps we ought to insist that they become an official part of our school uniform?!”

After a few more minutes, Miss Tanner announced, “Right! Much as I am enjoying exploring your delectable bottom, I think it’s time to start your spanking. Are you ready, young lady?”

“Yes, Miss. As ready as I ever will be!”

“Right, here goes then. Brace yourself and lift your lovely bottom up high,” her face suddenly taking on a more commanding, determined look.

Charlotte complied, lifting her bottom up to meet her first ever smack….


Miss Tanner’s hand came swooping down delivering an almighty flesh-wobbling wallop to Charlotte’s right cheek.

“YEOWHHHH!” yelled Charlotte, totally taken by surprise at the sharp stinging sensation of Miss Tanner’s hand slapping her virgin bottom. She looked around, a look of worried consternation spreading across her face.

She glimpsed Miss Tanner’s arm rise again before crashing down to deliver another loud slap across her left cheek….WALLOP!!


Charlotte wriggled uncomfortably across Miss Tanner’s lap thinking “What an earth have I let myself in for? This was no gentle ‘warm up’. It was a full-on bottom roasting spanking from the off, just as Charlotte had seen Miss Tanner deal with Karen earlier in the week!

After the initial salvo, the headmistress gently stroked Charlotte’s slightly reddened rump, “Steady girl, steady. I’ve only just started. I’m sure that you’ll get used to it soon!”

She felt Miss Tanner tighten her left arm around her waist, pulling her towards her. Charlotte clenched her cheeks in anticipation of more stinging smacks to come. It was too late to change her mind. Besides which she had agreed to try being spanked and she was securely held down by Miss Tanner’ strong arm. There was no going back. Her bottom would be spanked, whatever! She gritted her teeth and hoped that she would survive the experience.

Before any further thoughts could enter her head, Miss Tanner started to pepper her bottom with a flurry of hard slaps SMACK! WALLOP! SMACK! WALLOP! The punishing hand spanked her relentlessly, up and down each wobbling cheek, occasionally across both together and even down across her upper thighs. Charlotte yelped and kicked out her legs in all directions, as she bounced up and down across Miss Tanner’s knee. Tears started to form and trickle down her face.

“Owwh! Owhh! Owhh!” The stinging and burning feeling in her bared buttocks steadily increased.

“This is awful! It hurts…a lot! How did I ever agree to try this? I must be stupid!” thought Charlotte.



However, as the spanking continued, Charlotte suddenly began to feel a strange change in her body. The spanking still hurt, but the warm, burning, stinging sensations in her buttocks started to seep down between her legs and she realised that her pussy was becoming noticeably wet. The sensations were now becoming distinctly pleasurable! She remembered reading that some women were turned on by having their bottoms spanked hard and some were even able to be brought to orgasm purely with a spanking. Was she one of these ‘lucky’ women? Despite the accompanying pain, she just had to find out!

Just as she was becoming aware of these thoughts, Miss Tanner suddenly stopped spanking her. Charlotte felt a surge of frustration and, to Miss Tanner’s surprise, urged her to continue, “Please, please don’t stop, Miss! You can’t leave me ‘hanging’ like this. Please keep spanking me. Spank me as hard as you can!”

Miss Tanner smiled to herself. Clearly Charlotte must be a natural submissive and a pain slut, just as she had hoped. Charlotte had started to enjoy the pain she was imparting to her bottom. This was wonderful!

“Just a minute, young lady. Let’s just alter your position a bit to help you get what your body is clearly craving for.” Miss Tanner pulled up her skirt to expose her thighs and got Charlotte to lie astride her left thigh, whilst wrapping her right leg over Charlotte’s legs. Then renewing her grip on Charlotte’s waist, she started to lay on the hardest smacks that she could muster, walloping the ‘sweet spot’ just where her buttocks met her thighs. By this stage Charlotte’s once creamy white rump was now a deep scarlet red colour. Charlotte’s cries turned to load moans as she unashamedly started to hump Miss Tanner’s thigh in time with each spank. It was a totally lewd sight, but one that Miss Tanner loved to view! It didn’t take long before Charlotte let out a loud cry of ecstasy and slumped exhausted over Miss Tanner’s thigh. Miss Tanner gently stroked the bottom that lay across her thigh, relishing the sight of the freshly spanked bottom and feeling the warmth emanating from the noticeably twitching cheeks.

Finally, she instructed Charlotte to stand up. Charlotte clamboured awkwardly off Miss Tanner’s lap, her trousers and knickers still at ‘half-mast’.

“Right, young lady. That completes your spanking, but leave your trousers and knickers down. Go and stand in the corner next to my desk, facing the wall and do NOT touch your bottom! I want to inspect my handiwork.”

“Yes, of course, Miss!”

Without a murmur of protest, Charlotte complied with the request. She was lapping up the feeling of being totally under the control of this formidable, dominant woman who had just given her so much pain and pleasure. She felt a real thrill standing there with her bare bottom on display, glowing and pulsing in the aftermath of the spanking.

After 5 minutes, Miss Tanner said, “Right, Charlotte. Well done! You can now get dressed and stand away from the wall. Your ‘punishment ‘ is over.”

She then enquired “How was your first ever proper spanking?”

“Gosh!” uttered Charlotte, trying to gather her wits whilst gently rubbing her bottom and craning her neck around to try to see the state of her bottom before carefully pulling up her knickers and trousers. “Gosh! That was truly amazing! Who would have thought a spanking could bring such pleasure. Thank you Miss Tanner, thank you for encouraging me to try being spanked and thank you for delivering it.”

“My pleasure, Charlotte. I thoroughly enjoyed giving you the spanking. Your bottom is such a worthy recipient of such ‘treatment’. I couldn’t resist spanking it! Perhaps you might like to indulge yourself again at a later date when you have fully recovered? You might even like to try out some of my other implements, such as one of my canes?”

“Thank you, headmistress, I might well take you up on your kind offer, particularly if the end result is as it was today, although my bum is now rather sore!” laughed Charlotte, still rubbing her bottom.

“Well, Charlotte, there’s no rush. What are your plans for the weekend?”

“Ummm, well I’ve got nothing special planned. I need to catch up on some housework in my small flat and do a bit of food shopping. Beyond that, I shall probably have a lazy time, reading and watching TV.”

“Well, if you’re not doing anything special, perhaps you would like to come over to my home and have a coffee?” Miss Tanner asked, with a friendly smile on her face. “We could get to know each other under less formal conditions than here at school and possibly continue your education in the finer points of corporal punishment.”

Charlotte responded without any hesitation, “Oh thank you, Miss Tanner. I’d really enjoy that.”

“That’s good. Shall we say around 11.00 tomorrow? I live at number 6 Arcadia Avenue, not far from school. When you come, please call me Samantha. That would add to the informality of the occasion. Would that suit you?”

“Oh yes, Headmistress. That is fine by me.”

“I’ll look forward to your visit, Charlotte. Now, I must just finish some rather tedious paperwork before I finish for the day. You may go home now and I’ll look forward to your visit tomorrow morning.”

Charlotte bid Miss Tanner goodbye and left for home feeling elated. ‘‘Gosh!’ she thought, ‘‘I’ve just had my first ever spanking which gave me the most wonderful orgasm I have ever had….and now I have an invitation to visit the headmistress’ home and she said ‘please call me Samantha’!” Charlotte was in awe of this powerful, formidable woman. She felt a strong attraction to her and felt very excited by the prospect of her visit tomorrow.

Miss Tanner sat quietly at her desk, thinking what a lovely young lady Charlotte was and she did have a rather attractive curvaceous bottom, which she had just had the pleasure of spanking. She was pleased that she had appointed her as her secretary. Far better than some less pliable older woman! She might well make a wonderful ‘playmate’ to add to her collection!

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  1. This was a fantastic story and photo sets.I loved the storyline and how the photos did mirror the story.I am an otk fan first and foremost and this one was truly outstanding. Very well done.Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Do you know Jim, a comment like that lifts my soul up with the skylarks and makes everything worthwhile. I really appreciate your words. Thank you.

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