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Waldo is a contemporary French artist living in Belgium for many years who does F/M and M/F (seldom, F/F) adult spanking art. His artworks are color paintings and often have an erotic touch. Some of them are humorous spanking art, BDSM art or enema art as well. Waldo has had his artwork published in BDSM magazines for 20 years.

Here are some samples, I think he has his own blog page, worth a Google search for lots of images!

2 thoughts on “Waldo

  1. Waldo was an interesting artist. Sadly according to AU FIL DES JOURS website, Waldo died sometime before 28th March 2021. Now I do read French so I relied on Google translator tool, so I might have got the the details wrong.

  2. Yes, Robyn my editor/spanking-investigator just told me. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. It appears he took photographs of the girls he painted and spanked, the search is on!

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