I love Thursdays!

It’s because it is the most common day I see my girls…

It could quite possibly go like this…

It will be around 10.15, I park up, feeling excited and happy. I get my camera, props, notes etc and crunch my way up the drive to their door, to a warm friendly welcome.

“Hello Mr.Jones, come in, the kettle is on!” Is a common greeting.

I always take cake, usually Victoria sponge buns. I put them on a plate as the kettle boils, read my notes, lay out the props in order and so on.

“We’ve got some buns for you Mr.Jones.” Shouts Charlotte as she giggles.

“They need warming up, will you do them for us?” Chuckles Samantha happily.

“Of course!” I say, and turn towards them.

“You know how to make this old man happy!” I say, rubbing my hands as I walk towards them.

“I’ll do it straight away!” I say eagerly.

Wiggling their bottoms in readiness for their first spanking of he day they reply together….”Oh thank you Mr.Jones, we hoped you would, then we will have tea and cake…”

And so another shoot begins!


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