It seems I am boring! ….lol

When you do a blog, you set yourself up for criticism. Which is fair enough, and anyone who leaves a comment, good or bad, is welcome to. It’s life.

One recent comment left by a reader said that my writing was once magnificent, but is now boring. Oh well, if that is what he thinks, he should feel free to say it, and he did. Am I changing anything? Am I fuck as like! But I do know where he is coming from.

A little kick up the proverbial is good, because it makes you think, and assess things. But mainly, it has reminded me to inform.

When you plan a new story, one which is likely to end up bigger than the ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, it is not an easy task. You have to think and plan. I do a lot of that on here, in public. I like it that way, I like to share all the build up, and eventually we’ll be proud of the finished product, together.

I am writing the story in their school, which needs a name. It is also written in their house, which has an address now. And back at school…(but after school time).

I need photos, so I have done some of the shoots at school, some ‘At home with Charlotte and Samantha’, and shoots of them at school after school time.

It was the shoots ‘at home’ which came over as ‘boring’, but do you see? You have to build up photo stock and then work on the ideas. I can’t use them straight away.

I am tidying the stories up too, which is a huge job. But the site will be much better for navigation, once it is done, and I am planning a ‘click on’ index.

So boring it may be for you, but it is a time of development, that’s all….

As I was shooting the school photos, I was also building up stock for Mr.Jones’s Study….which is becoming quite a favourite. Here are three more, for his next erotic fantasy. And, I am doing the same for a headmistress.

So lots is going on in the background, as well as keeping up with vintage, (I am trying to put stories, or scenarios to most of the vintage photos etc as well as do my take on some for the ‘tribute to’ section), I think most of you understood anyway.


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