The Inveigle – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13: Samantha & Charlotte attend their first ever Saturday night show at the Inveigle

It was Saturday morning.‘The Inveigle’ always had a buzz about it on a Saturday. All around it people were polishing and getting things ready for the weekly show. The more the show was done, the more a regular format, with slight variations, evolved.

The girls had scrambled eggs on toast with fried tomatoes on the top, and a couple of cups of tea for breakfast. They felt refreshed after a hot bath and were ready for the new day.

Lots of things were different on a Saturday, yet many things just continued as normal. The first thing they saw, through another open door, was two more ‘Tease Maids’ getting punished.

Another view, through another door.

Abigail was like a machine, organising everyone and getting things ‘just right’. If they had a penny for every time they had heard ‘Yes Mummy Bear’ that morning, they would be quite rich. Often it was said with a look to a girl’s friend with rolling eyes. If Abigail saw the glance she would mockingly chastise them with a couple of spanks on the rump, which delighted both the receiver and the nearby onlookers.

Despite the recent events, The Inveigle was almost back to normal. Respect had been correctly paid to poor little Annie and life had to go on. Once more it was a happy busy place to be.

The day passed by quickly and, almost before they knew it, it was time for their first experience of an Inveigle show night. They sat on the upper tier in Abigail’s private box. They had the gold and silver masquerade masks which the Inveigle Girls had given them. They were so excited and could hardly believe that in a couple of months or so they would be a part of the show themselves. Both of them kept placing their masks on their face and looking at each other, giggling. After settling in early with Abigail, they watched the theatre fill up and admired the splendour of it all.

Abigail told them to enjoy themselves, but said that she had things to check before the show started. However, she would soon be back. She stood and went behind their red velvet box curtain. She placed her opera glasses to her mask to study the box directly opposite through a small gap. She observed that the lady in the black and green mask had paid for sole occupancy of an entire box again. She must be rather wealthy since the boxes normally held six and the seats were not cheap.

She studied the woman and followed her gaze. The woman in question also had a pair of opera glasses and panned then slowly around the theatre, studying the audience. Then she turned her gaze to the boxes. Abigail watched her move systematically from box to box. When her glasses came to rest on the two girls, she was sure that she noticed a distinct shake and a much longer stare. When the girls put their masks down to talk, laugh or sip a drink, she observed her again. She felt sure that she was studying them. Maybe she was looking for new girls to use, but it looked more than just that.

After noting the woman’s actions, Abigail pushed back through the curtains and sat down between the two girls. The lights were dimmed, alternate candles were blown out, and the lights around the stage were ready to be lit. The girl beneath the stage was doing a good job these days. Eleanor walked onto the stage to start the proceedings. She picked up the small drum resting at the front of the stage and passed it to one of the girls in black and white, and slipped back into the darkness.

Charlotte and Samantha moved to the edge of their seats, determined not to miss any of the action..

On stage the girl with the drum looked at Abigail for the sign and got the nod.


The music began, very gently. The girls formed a circle and beat time to the song by slapping their thighs gently. The audience picked up the rhythm and the two girls started slapping their own thighs. Mummy Bear noticed this and smiled with satisfaction.

Soon they were both bent forward over the edge of box with their chins resting on folded arms, utterly transfixed.

Sapphire walked on singing one of the many songs from her vast repertoire.

The girls looked at the girls swaying and their long legs moving effortlessly in time with the music. ‘How could they ever manage to compete with them?’ they both thought. They felt a little jealous of the amount of gifts and notes being thrown at the girls onto the stage. ‘Would they ever get any when they started to perform?’

The girls in the chorus formed a circle around Sapphire as she stepped onto a raised podium. They all turned to face her and slowly stripped her naked as she continued to sing. Standing in the middle of the circle naked, she looked stunning. The girls all turned to their left and undid the dress of the girl in front, which soon slid to the floor, leaving them all standing dressed only in their corsets, striped stockings and boots. They had no drawers, so that they were totally naked from their waists to the tops of their gartered stockings. The sight of all those naked female bottoms was mouth watering!

The tempo changed and the song became a favourite music hall style sing-along. Every alternate girl bent over, whilst the ones in between turned and spanked the bottom they have been presented with in time to the music: smack…smack….smack, smack, SMACK! … Slap… slap…slap, slap, SLAP!

The music got faster and faster, and the girls’ bottoms started to gradually change color from alabaster white to pink and then to an ever deepening hue of bright red!

The music then changed which steadily increased in tempo as it progressed. The girls swapped places, so that all of them ended up with equally red blushing bottoms by the time the music reached its conclusion. Finally they all turned to face the back of the stage and simultaneously bent over to present their beautiful red bottoms to their cheering and clapping audience.

Sapphire walked off the stage to rapturous applause with more gifts thrown to her feet by the audience. The Chorus Girls picked them up and ran after her.

Eleanor then walked back onto the stage and initiated the first spanking draw of the night. Six lucky winners from the seat numbers drawn ran onto the stage to pick up the spanking paddles provided. Six fresh chorus girls brought on six high stools and placed them in a line, with plenty of swinging room in between. They then bent gracefully face down over the stools and waggled their bare bottoms erotically at the audience.

The old faithful Radetzky March could be heard rising from the orchestra pit, and the spankings began. It was the first time that the two girls had heard the tune and they loved it, clapping along merrily and wishing they were spanking one of those ever so delectable bottoms.

After a while, Abigail suggested that they might like to join in the fun and let her spank their bottoms. “Come on girls! Let’s join in the fun. Let me spank your pretty young rumps. Let the audience see how deliciously spankable you both are! Go on, I’m sure you want to join in!”

Without delay, the two girls pulled up their skirts, opened their drawers and bared their bottoms. They then bent over the red velvet, cushioned rim of the box presenting their bottoms to Mummy Bear. She stood behind them and beat time to the music on their wiggling bottoms with her hand. The girls laughed and squealed in equal measure. Many in the audience noticed and started to point, stare and laugh. Some even cheered and waved at the two girls. The girls waved back, and, for the first time in their short careers, felt loved and adored by strangers. They all laughed as Mummy Bear joined in the frivolity, making grand waves before each smack.

The lady in green behind the black mask stared at them, exuding pure hatred.

Finally Eleanor halted the music with a crack of her whip and chased the girls off the stage, closely followed by their ‘winners’ chasing them with their spanking paddles. The audience cheered, whistled and clapped loudly. The place was getting more and more rowdy, and the two girls absolutely loved it.

It was then time for the prancing ponies. It was not always done to the Radetzky March, especially if it had been already used, so tonight it was the William Tell Overture.

Fae, looking decidedly relaxed, and Amber looking very much in control of her girls provided a fantastic show. The usual smoke rings sailed gracefully through the air. More girls were won, more seats emptied, and more spanking booths and private rooms were filled.

It was time for Eleanor to calm the crowd with a beautiful rendition of an operatic aria. The Chorus Girls lined up, dressed in delicate pink ballet tutus, took the stage and did a beautiful spanking ballet.

Next Sapphire appeared again as she swung to and fro naked on a garden swing. She had a black leather glove on one hand, and the ballet girls remained to slowly and seductively walk in a circle, passing through her line of fire. If a girl was at the right spot when the music stopped she had to bend and take a well aimed smack.

The performance flowed as gracefully as a babbling brook over smooth stones. The girls noticed how deftly Abigail controlled the show with little hand signals and nods when a cue was needed. The short-haired girl, Anna, whom they had seen in Mummy Bear’s parlour, had the job of taking little written messages up and down the stairs.

And so a typical Inveigle show night proceeded, with a shadow show, various spanking tableaux and a school room play. The latter had the two girls sat on the edge of their seats mesmerised by the performance.

The bratty Fae, dressed as a schoolgirl, got a well-deserved twelve stroke bare bottom caning from cold, whilst bent over a gym horse from. The whole audience joined in counting the number of strokes. Each stroke was preceded by a long drawn out ‘oooooooooh’, before the cane whistled through the air and landed across Fae’s bottom with a loud THWACK! Fae really played to the audience, screaming and kicking her legs, begging for mercy in a little girly-like voice. As each stroke was noisily delivered, the two girls held their breath and then flinched as they landed with a loud swish and a very meaty thwack. They were not at all sure that they could endure such a punishment, exciting as it was to watch. A series of beautifully red parallel stripes adorned her writhing cheeks by the time her strict ‘governess’ had finished with her.

Samantha had watched the governess’s caning technique very carefully and had thought how she would really love to cane her friend Charlotte in such a manner. In contrast, Charlotte had been more focused on Fae’s performance. The pain and humiliation that Fae was enduring seemed to hold a rather strange fascination for her. However, both girls noticed, despite the severity of the caning, that Fae seemed to have enjoyed the experience if the moisture glistening between her legs in the limelights was anything to go by!

Once all the performers had left the stage, Eleanor led the audience in singing the national Anthem, and another Inveigle Saturday night show was over.

The lady in green stood and stared. Abigail stared directly back, until the lady turned and left. Her presence was becoming a little unsettling to say the least.

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