The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Chapter Three

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Charlotte pays a visit Miss Tanner’s house…

Charlotte could hardly wait to visit the headmistress the following day. She had slept fitfully, replaying the events of her first ever spanking in the headmistress’ study earlier that day. She had already discovered that she found it was a massive turn-on to assist Miss Tanner in disciplining naughty girls. She just loved lifting the girl’s skirts and lowering their knickers to bare their bottoms for punishment. She was thrilled by the sight of their chubby little cheeks being soundly chastised, turning them from white to pink and then to glowing red as they wriggled and squealed. After such sessions, she always felt compelled to visit the bathroom, supposedly to tidy herself up, but in reality to relieve herself, masturbating her moist pussy.

And now she had experienced her first ever spanking at the hands of Miss Tanner. It had been a revelation! At the start she had found it surprisingly painful, but as it progressed, she had found that receiving a spanking was even more arousing than watching one! Under Miss Tanner’s experienced hand, lying astride her knee, she had actually managed to orgasm without the need to finger herself.

As she replayed in her mind the events of her own spanking, she couldn’t resist masturbating herself as she lay in bed, fingering her moist pussy with one hand whilst slapping her bottom with the other. This proved to be a somewhat difficult operation, akin to trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time, but in the end it was well worth the try! Nevertheless, she felt that another ‘trip’ over Miss Tanner’s knee would be even more exciting and fulfilling. Self-spanking was OK, but it really didn’t match up to having someone else do it.

On Saturday morning, Charlotte awoke at 9.00 feeling very happy, full of anticipation of what might transpire when visiting Miss Tanner’s house. She had a light breakfast, and then showered, inspecting her bottom in the bathroom mirror. Her cheeks no longer displayed the bright redness of yesterday, but they emitted a healthy, pinkish glow. She decided to wear a light blue t-shirt, short pleated white skirt, black stockings and suspenders, and a pair of close-fitting, white semi-transparent knickers. She enjoyed the sensuous feel of air circulating around the sections of her thighs above her stocking tops and around her bottom. She felt very alive and very sexy!

Having checked her make-up in the hall mirror, she set off for number 6 Arcadia Avenue, quietly singing the chorus line from Madonna song ‘Hanky Panky’ softly to herself:

Like hanky panky (hanky panky)
Nothing like a good spanky (good spanky)

As she turned into Arcadia Avenue, she wandered along the road counting up from two… to four… and finally to six. She had arrived! Her heart was beating fast now as she anticipated seeing again this commanding lady, to whom she was secretary, in her home environment. She knocked on the door and waited. It was soon opened and there stood Miss Tanner, smiling.

“Ah! There you are Charlotte. Do come in,” she said, holding the door wider open.

“Thank you, Miss Tanner….er… I mean, Samantha.”

“That’s better, Charlotte. We’re not at school now, so relax! Follow me.”

Charlotte followed Samantha down a corridor into a beautiful kitchen conservatory that had been added on to the back of the house. It had a high ceiling and large patio doors leading out into a lovely secluded brick-walled courtyard garden. All the framework and kitchen units were tastefully painted in sage green and a chandelier hung down from the roof over a large dining table.

“What a lovely room and garden courtyard, Samantha,” said Charlotte gazing around in awe.

“Sit yourself down over there Charlotte, whilst I make you a coffee. Black or white? Sugar?”

“Oh, white please, Samantha, and no sugar thank you.”

Samantha soon produced two steaming mugs of coffee and plonked herself down in a chair next to Charlotte. She raised her own mug to Charlotte saying with a chuckle, “Bottoms up!”

Charlotte giggled and blushed slightly, but managed to reply, “Cheers….bottoms up!”

Samantha then asked, “How’s your bottom this morning, young lady? Has it recovered from its experience yesterday afternoon?”

“Uhrr…yes, thank you Miss Tanner.”

“You mean ‘Samantha’!’”

“Oh, sorry….yes…thank you, Samantha,”

“How did you find your introduction to spanking? Was it what you had imagined, Charlotte?”

“Oh yes, Samantha. It was just how I had imagined it and more! It was lovely. It hurt a lot to begin with and I started to wonder what I had let myself in for. However, after the initial shock, I began to feel a wonderful pleasure seeping through me and after that I just couldn’t get enough!”

“I’m so pleased. I really enjoyed introducing you to the pleasures of spanking. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m sure most of the girls at school whom I have cause to spank would think that you were mad to enjoy such treatment. That’s just as well, otherwise the discipline of the school would get totally out of hand and we would be kept very busy dishing out punishments to all and sundry. They’d be queuing up outside my study door and we’d never get anything else done!”

Charlotte laughed, picturing herself supervising a long line of schoolgirls along the corridor leading to her office. She’d be walking along the line pinning up their skirts and yanking down their knickers, the girls wetting themselves in eager anticipation of having their nubile bottoms spanked by the headmistress.

Returning to the present, Charlotte turned to Samantha and asked, “Tell me, Samantha, when did you discover that you enjoyed spanking? Have you ever been spanked yourself?”

“You are a curious young soul, aren’t you Charlotte! Well, where do I begin? It was whilst I was in the fifth form at an all girl’s private boarding school. In those days the head girl was allowed to spank younger girls for minor misdemeanours. She usually used just her hand, but sometimes she employed her wooden hairbrush if she felt that the crime warranted more severe treatment. Unfortunately, I had several painful ‘run-ins’ with her, but it did arouse in me what must have been a latent obsession with spanking. Although I quite enjoyed being spanked, when I later became the head girl, I rapidly discovered that I much preferred being the one dishing out rather than receiving the spankings! I was never vindictive, but I did so enjoy walloping the bottoms of ‘deserving cases’.

“Gosh!” said a wide-eyed Charlotte.

Just at that moment, Samantha’s washing machine suddenly started it’s annoying bleeping, indicating the wash cycle had ended.

“I must just stop our delightful conversation for the moment, Charlotte. My washing is finished. I need to get it out and hang it on the line in the garden. Would you like to give me a hand and have a tour of the garden whilst we’re at it?”

“Certainly, Samantha.”

Samantha dug out the washing and carried it out into the garden with Charlotte in tow.

Plonking the washing basket down next to the line, they started to hang it up. To her surprise, Charlotte found that the bulk of the washing surprisingly consisted of Samantha’s knickers. They came in all sorts of colours and designs, all with rather fetching fancy lace edgings.

“Gosh, Samantha, you must get through a lot of knickers every week! They are rather lovely though,” she said in an excited voice.

“How many knickers I get through in a week is none of your business, young lady, but I’m pleased you like my selection. I do so love my underwear collection, almost as much as my shoes!”

Just at that moment there was a gust of wind which sent Charlotte’s skirt billowing upwards, revealing her stocking tops and bottom tightly clad in a pair of white, semi-transparent knickers.

Samantha noticed and laughed, “You’re wearing a rather interesting pair of knickers. Very revealing!”

Charlotte smiled. “Oh, I like to dress provocatively. I just love teasing the paperboy when I see him cycling towards me in the morning on my way to school! I do a little twirl when I see him, which lifts my skirts up high enough for him to catch an ‘eyeful’! He has a job steering his bike in a straight line. His eyes were out on stalks!’

“You naughty little minx,” laughed Samantha, whilst trying to sound serious at the same time. “Poor boy. I ought to put you across my knee right now and spank you for being such a tease!’

No sooner had Samantha finished her sentence, than another gust of wind lifted her dress just as it had done to Charlotte’s. Charlotte gasped. Samantha wasn’t wearing any knickers at all! She was totally naked from her stocking tops to her suspender belt, her full womanly buttocks on display.

“Now who’s being highly provocative, Samantha? You’re not wearing any underwear at all!” giggled Charlotte.

“Well, as it was a rather warm day, I thought that it would be nice to dispense with my knickers for once. It’s so lovely to feel a cool breeze wafting around your nether regions, unhindered by lacy underwear! You really ought to try it Charlotte.”

Nothing more was said as they both finished hanging up the washing, although both could feel a distinctly electric atmosphere of lust filling the air around them. There was a lovely scent of flowers in the air, bees were buzzing around a lavender bush and a pair of doves were cooing amorously on a nearby rooftop.

Once the task was completed, Samantha gently took Charlotte by the hand and led her to an ornate garden seat in a shady, secluded section of the garden, safe from prying eyes.

Before they knew it, they were sharing long kisses.

Fingertips began to play with erect nipples. Warm soft palms rested on cool thighs, and fingertips tugged at cotton, hoping to reveal pert breasts. Breathing got faster, pussies became moist, eagerness began to take gentle control.

Samantha’s hand slid up Charlotte’s stockings, and on reaching her thigh, her legs began to part. Things began to speed up, as clothes were removed with trembling excited fingers. The first kiss of cool shady summer air began to caress their skin, it was all so very exciting.

The joy of peeling thin fancy edged material from warm expectant flesh fuelled their desire. Knickers were teased, suspenders were snapped, breasts and buttocks bobbed free and loose, eager for caresses.

Charlotte’s bottom needed attention. Her cheeks begged for a sharp kiss of pain in the fresh air where the noise of a smack sounds so very delicious.

“Oooh, spank me Samantha. Please smack my bare bottom hard so that I know that everyone near can hear. Please, let’s be naughty out here!”

Caution vanished. So what if they did make a noise? It was their home. They were secluded and nobody could see. Charlotte bent over and placed her hands on the garden seat, her bottom pushed out eagerly for an al fresco bare bottom spanking. Samantha looked at the two magnificent globes of soft decadent flesh, and began to draw her hand back for the first smack…

And so the delightful scene of the two beautiful friends enjoying the fresh air and each other’s bodies, especially their bottoms, emerged.

Samantha caressed and gently smacked Charlotte’s beautiful, soft, curvy bottom, eliciting lovely little yelps and moans of pleasure. Every now and then, Samantha let her fingers stray tantalisingly near Charlotte’s already dripping pussy before delivering another few slaps to the blushing cheeks. Charlotte opened her legs wider to afford Samantha better access to her pussy and thrust her bottom out further, inviting more smacks. Gradually Samantha upped the pace and severity of her spanks. Charlotte gasped in pleasure, her cheeks quivering delightfully as each smack landed crisply on her soft flesh.

“Oh Charlotte, you really do have such a wonderfully spankable bottom. I’d love to have you as my ‘spanking pet’. I’d love to have you naked and walk you around my garden and house with a long leash attached to a jewel-encrusted collar around your neck. I would spank you whenever you were naughty or I felt inclined to do so….in the garden, in the kitchen or even up the staircase! It would be daring and exciting to do it at school as well, using the same equipment and implements that we use on our naughty girls bottoms. Would you like that, Charlotte?”

“Mmmh! Oh YES, Mistress! I cannot think of anything more erotic and exciting.”

Charlotte wriggled her bottom, panting with heightened lust. “Please Mistress, please spank me harder. My bottom craves your stinging pain.”

“Of course, my dear. How can I resist!” replied Samantha, raising her arm higher as she started to wallop Charlotte’s quivering mounds in earnest. WHACK! SMACK! WHACK! WALLOP!

“Oh YES!’ screamed Charlotte in total submission.

And there we have to leave the duo playing in the privacy of the garden. We can only guess what happened next, but suffice to say, Samantha and Charlotte ended the morning feeling very happy and totally satiated from each other’s attentions. A firm bond had been well and truly established between them.

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