The Inveigle – Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17: A traitor in their midst and a judicial caning

The next few weeks consolidated the girl’s new position. The stars of The Inveigle were happy to have two girls to compliment their acts. Abigail had chosen well. They fitted into the repertoire beautifully, providing something new and different to enhance what they had already. The reputation of The Inveigle soared and the new show was being talked about everywhere. People were having to wait for tickets up to three weeks, so business was brisk. Once more Abigail had come up trumps.

Customers to use the ‘Tease Maids’ had tripled!

The ‘Tease Maids’ we’re very busy!

The Chorus girls were happy too, the better the show, the better their chances of a secure future. The lower girls were also happy, apart from one. Jealousy had seeped into Lucy, the girl who controlled the gas under the Inveigle’s stage. She wanted to be a star, and, in her mind, she thought she had talent to equal theirs if only Mummy Bear could just see it. How come these two just managed to walk in from nowhere and literally fly to the top?

The truth was that Abigail had only hired Lucy to serve and control the gas. That was the role she had agreed to do at her interview. She had a pretty face and a very curvy bottom. Maybe with a lot of work and encouragement she might go a little higher, but in truth Abigail doubted it. She was usually very good at quickly assessing a girl’s true potential.

Lucy’s downfall loomed large. That very day she was seen talking to the ‘Lady in Green in an alley by the side of ‘The Three Bells.’

Albert had been seeing to his duties in a thorough manner, and was now reporting the ‘Lady in Green’s’ every movement. When he saw Lucy talking to her, he knew Abigail would be interested.

He crept close and listened as best he could. He heard Lucy talk about the circus, Charlotte, and Samantha. Two other girls were mentioned, but Albert was unsure who. The two women separated and he saw the ‘Lady in Green’ pass some money to the girl.

Albert returned to the Inveigle and tapped on the parlour window, which Abigail opened with a smile. “Hello young man, what news do you have for me?”

“You’ll not like it Missus, but I think it’s very important.”

“Come inside lad, tell me your news.”

Clutching his cap firmly in his hands the young lad was given a cup of sweet tea and a chocolate bun. A shiny florin was put on a plate, another two were on the cloth. Abigail picked the one from the plate and pressed it into the grubby palm.

He took a deep breath and gave his news. “You have a girl ‘ere called Lucy, don’t you?”

Abigail scowled. “Yes I do.”

Albert shuddered. “She has been talking to that woman and she gave some money to Lucy”

Abigail’s face set sternly, she whispered through pursed lips like a snake. “Has she indeed.”

“That’s it really Missus, except one other thing. I heard two names mentioned, the names everyone is talking about, Charlotte and Samantha. I heard her ask about two more, but I couldn’t quite hear their names.”

Abigail paid the boy handsomely, placing the other two florins in his other grubby palm. He could hardly breathe, he had never held so much money in his life.

It was a Saturday and it was mid-afternoon. She decided that she would speak to Lucy after the evening’s entertainment.

Once the theatre had emptied at the end of the evening’s performance, Abigail walked briskly back to her parlour. She sat down and thought for a short while. Then, standing up again, she opened the door and shouted to a young girl sweeping the floor. “Go and get me Lucy, and be quick about it if you know what is good for you!” Her face looked very angry. This was the first time the young girl had ever seen Abigail anything but happy and jolly.

Whilst she awaited Lucy’s arrival, Abigail pulled out a chair and sat before the fire staring into the flames. After a short while there was a timid knock on the door.

“Come in.” Abigail invited in a soft tone.

Lucy was feeling very nervous. Was this the time she had dreamed of? Was this going to be the start of her climb to wonderful riches? She walked in smiling, trying to look modest and pretty.

She knew instantly that she was not here for a reward. “Stand up straight Lucy, don’t slouch, put your hands by your side and keep your chin up.”

She did as she was told.

“The lady you have been meeting.” Abigail studied the girl’s reaction.

Lucy began to squirm, looking down at the floor, unable to make eye contact with Abigail.

“Yes, I know all about your meetings, and I know about the money. Now young lady, if you want to keep some skin on that bottom of yours, I would advise you to tell me everything.” Abigail put her hands on her hips and stood stock still, staring into the girl’s eyes.

Lucy began to cry and between the sobs told her Mistress the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She felt like she was in court pleading for her life. After half an hour Abigail had managed to piece the story together, and, as the name of Jacqueline was revealed, she knew who she was and which girls she was after.

She sat down and put her chin into her hands, to think, whilst Lucy was feeling distinctly uncomfortable, shuffling from foot to foot.

“Keep still girl, I’m trying to think!”

Lucy stood to attention.

Abigail stood up. “I can’t trust you Lucy. You have betrayed me.”

Lucy sobbed bitterly.

“I think it is time you left the service of ‘The Inveigle’, without a reference, don’t you?”

“Oh no Mummy Bear, please, please no, no, don’t throw me out!”

“Don’t call me that. Call me Mistress.”

That was a bitter blow to the girl who burst into tears again. “Yes Mistress”.

There was a silence, and then the girl muttered again, softly, barely audible between sniffs. “May I take a beating instead, Mistress? I don’t want to go, please Mistress.”

Abigail picked up her cane. She looked at the girl and made an offer. “Alright, but it will be a very severe public thrashing for you, on the stage, before all the girls, and right now!”

“Yes Mistress.”

Abigail dispatched one of her younger girls to ask all the Inveigle girls to go to the theatre where she would address the assembled company. Slowly, without knowing why, the girls filed into the stalls. Clearly something unusual was to happen. Charlotte and Samantha sat side by side on the front row with Sapphire and Fae next to them.

Soon their curiosity was answered as Abigail walked briskly onto the stage pulling a weeping Lucy behind her. The story was told, the name of the ‘Lady in Green’ now revealed as ‘Lady Jacqueline’, stabbed the two girls from the mill in the heart. They looked around anxiously almost expecting to see her lurking somewhere in the shadows.

Abigail then ordered Lucy to make a public apology to them all, accompanied by a chorus of loud boos and hisses from the assembled company.

Once the noise of angry girls had subsided, Abigail announced, “And now I am going to punish Lucy. I am going to thrash her very soundly in front of you all. I sincerely hope that after I have completed the task, that will be the end of the matter as far as this very naughty young lady is concerned.”

(A photo shoot of this will be arranged.)

Murmurs of approval could be heard throughout the company.This clearly wasn’t to be like one of the usual erotic spankings ‘The Inveigle’ was famed for. It was to be a judicial punishment to be delivered with no mercy whatsoever.

After Abigail then turned to Eleanor who was standing at the side of the stage, “Would you prepare Lucy for her punishment please Eleanor.”

“Certainly Abigail. It will be a pleasure!” replied Eleanor.

She turned to Lucy and instructed her to remove her dress and her drawers, leaving her standing forlornly on the stage wearing only a plain white chemise and plain white stockings with brown ankle boots. Her mid-section was now totally naked and fully exposed to the gaze of the company. She looked and felt very apprehensive and extremely ashamed.

Two girls dragged a heavy wooden punishment horse onto the stage. This was a simple piece of ‘restraining furniture’ typical of any girls’ reformatory at that time. It consisted of a narrow padded top with four stout, slightly splayed legs. Once in position at the centre of the stage, the girls grabbed a reluctant Lucy by the arms and almost seemed to drag her towards the horse. They then forced her to mount the horse and bend forward along the padded top, her bottom projecting slightly beyond the end. Then they secured her wrists and ankles to the legs of the horse. Finally they passed a leather strap over her back and buckled it tightly over her waist which had the effect of pushing her bottom up higher, ready to receive its dues.

Luxy was now almost totally immobilised. Her plump curvaceous rump, naked and quivering in fearful anticipation, faced towards the crowd.

The look on Abigail’s face was very stern and still bore the traces of the fury she had felt on learning of Lucy’s gross misdeed. Gone was the warm comforting ‘Mummy Bear’ image that she normally displayed.

She took up a position to Lucy’s side brandishing what was clearly a reformatory school cane in her hand. This was heavier and thicker than the usual thinner ones that were used in Inveigle’s Saturday evening performances. She swished the cane through the air making it swoosh, getting a measure of its weight and springiness, whilst at the same time hoping that the noise would intimidate Lucy warning her of the punishment to come. Lucy’s bottom twitched involuntarily every time that she heard the cane swish.

Finally, Abigail tapped the cane across Lucy’s trembling buttocks, checking her position and aim. Then after a brief pause, she raised the cane high over her shoulder and brought it whistling down through the air to land with a loud THWACK across Lucy’s defenceless bottom. A piercing scream filled the air. Then, another and another stroke was delivered with full merciless force by Abigail, her face revealing the determination she felt to make an example of the silly girl. Lucy screamed and howled at each stroke, her whole body straining for release from the horse, but she was too well secured to escape. Her bottom took stripe after stripe, as welts raised and began to turn purple and angry.

After thirty six strokes of the cane, her punishment was finally over. Abigail threw the cane down onto the stage with a clatter, clearly demonstrating her disgust that she had to use it so harshly on Lucy….but needs must. She had deserved to be soundly caned. Eleanor untied her, helped her down off the horse and, supported under the arms, she led Lucy slowly from the stage. She winced at every step and was still weeping in disgrace.

This was the worst punishment that any of the Inveigle Girls had ever seen. But already in her mind Mummy Bear was planning another, which would make this look like a nursery spanking. One day the ‘Lady in Green’ would be naked and bent over on this stage.

‘Inveigle justice’ was done harshly. An example had been made, but even the most ardent spanking fan had looked away at times. The girl had been found out, she had been punished, and it was now over. Abigail told the other girls that no malice must be shown towards her. Her disgrace would be sufficient. If any girl disobeyed that instruction, they would be up on the stage for the same, no matter who they were!

Abigail was loved, respected, and at times a little feared. All of them knew how much Lucy must be really hurting to have let her down. The worst punishment of all was not being allowed to call her ‘Mummy Bear’ anymore. None of the girls could imagine having to cope with that.

Before the assembled company had time to leave the auditorium, the theatre’s atmosphere changed again, taking another downward turn. Mr Trentham ran in with some horrific news, “He’s struck again… twice…two more murders! They’re calling him ‘Jack the Ripper’ now! They were murdered in a horrible and very gruesome manner.”

This news was met with shocked silence and then loud, almost hysterical sounds from the girls. Abigail, however, took control as always and managed to calm them all down. She told all the girls to stop indoors. The next day the doors of the Inveigle would be closed again as a mark of respect for the two victims.

“Up until the last hour, today has been a grand and glorious day, but now we have seen the other darker side of life – betrayal and murder. I will keep you safe here my lovely girls. Now everyone, back to your rooms, chop chop, be quick about it!’

In their bed Samantha and Charlotte spoke of Lucy’s punishment and disgrace, and, of course, the gruesome murders. But even closer to their hearts was the bad news that Jacqueline was close, and after them.

They snuggled up to each other and eventually went to sleep.

After a fitful slumber they awoke to the muffled atmosphere they had felt once before, after the first murder. They looked out of their window and the quiet sound of a city in shock drifted up from the street. A notice was attached to the door as before. Police activity was everywhere apparent and so too was a new rumour.

The police had received a note. It had mocked the police and had been given to a newsgroup days before, but not taken seriously it seemed. It was written in red and signed ‘Jack the Ripper’. There were suggestions that he was a doctor, because of the way he had cut the poor girls into pieces, and almost turned them inside out and laid them on the cobblestone like an anatomy class’ cadaver.

Sat in Mummy Bear’s parlour were the mill girls, Charlotte, Samantha, Fae, and Victoria. Also there were Amber, Sapphire and Eleanor. They discussed what they knew, and together decided that their safety would be best served by staying close, and only going out in groups. Abigail walked around the girls comforting them, saying that it was time to let this Jacqueline know she was not welcome anymore. She told them about how she had been suspicious of her all along, and apologised for not doing anything about it earlier. They of course forgave her, and thanked her for her comfort and protection.

Slowly over the next few days the gloom lifted, the city streets returned to an uneasy normality….like a World waking cautiously from a pandemic.

Jacqueline could not help but wonder what had happened to her informer. She had gone to their arranged meeting place twice now, yet no sign of her was to be seen. She decided that it was not a great matter of concern. She knew where all the runaways were. All she had to do was wait. Her dear husband needed attention. He had been so busy the other night and it had taken its toll, he seemed subdued and quiet.

Mr. Trentham was now taking photographs daily and deftly colouring them in. The photos of the trapeze starlets had arrived and Mummy Bear could not have been more pleased. “They are beautiful Mr.Trentham, thank you so much. Did you bring the extra sets of naughty ones?”

“Yes of course Abigail.” He passed them over and took great delight in seeing her pleasure.

“Malcolm Trentham! I have to say that these are quite exquisite and truly wonderful! All your work is!”

Mr Trentham smiled both inwardly and outwardly, he liked hearing her say his first name.

Abigail went out to find an errand girl to take the extra set to the Cooke’s Circus. Victoria was walking by and happily took the job, and agreed to go with Mr. Trentham. It seemed that the two women wanted similar coloured photographs of all their circus stars. He was going to be busy, and Eleanor’s cut of the takings would be a welcome extra income for her too.

Soon after they had left there was a knock on Mummy Bear’s door. She knew who it would be. She had asked Charlotte and Samantha to come to her room. She opened the door, where the two girls stood smiling.

“Come in, come in girls and take a seat,” said Abigail. “Oh I do hate it when all is not as it should be, don’t you? All this murder stuff and that Jacqueline, I’ll be glad when things settle down. Anyway, you must not worry unduly. We know about the threat and have plans in place to protect you. All we can do is being done. We must continue to move forward in life. Anything else would be like giving that bitch recognition. So, to that end, I think it is time we decorated your room. It will take your mind off things. You have seen all the other starlet’s rooms. They were given free range to be as opulent as they wished. I’m very happy to spend fifty guineas, even more seeing as it is a double room. Do you have any ideas?” Mummy Bear smiled the warmest smile she had to the girls.

The flood gates opened. They had been talking about this almost non-stop, and they seized their chance as both of them talked quickly and excitedly to their dear old Mummy Bear.

Abigail looked shocked and amused as the girls rattled on for over an hour.

These were the ideas they gave…..’PINK!’ It had to be pink with splashes of black, maybe black drapes and black lamps. They asked for naughty paintings of spankings and female-only orgies in black frames. Their furniture was to be pink studded velvet with black shiny legs. Pink tiles around a black fireplace were a must. They wanted racks to hang canes and paddles on ….pink shiny paddles! Big beds, four poster beds, with pink drapes and black woodwork were also requested. Then they asked for their speciality to be included.

Mummy bear just looked at them in a bemused sort of way, just nodding her head at every suggestion.

“Oh Mummy Bear, we enjoyed the group sex and spanking with the circus girls so much! We want to have many strap-on attachments to use, varying in shape, size and finish. We want spanking benches specially made, some double ones, where bottoms face both ways. We need toys, lots of insertion toys and some of the medical vibrating ones. We have drawn a picture of a machine, a hand cranked spanking machine and a hand cranked masturbation come cum fucking machine. We want our room to be the ‘spanking-orgy room’, where lots of ladies can come to use us and see us perform! And that’s about all!” Smiled an almost exhausted Charlotte.

“Oh is that all? I expected something different and special.” Abigail frowned.

The two girls looked upset and sad, they pouted at each other and looked back to Mummy Bear, who burst into laughter.

“Oh Mummy Bear, that was so naughty! You didn’t mean that really!”

She apologised and said they had excelled themselves. She would do her very best to accommodate their wishes. She walked over to her table which had small drawers running around its edge. She pulled one open and took out a small white ivory spanking paddle and held it out to them to take.

“This is for you.”

The girls took the beautiful object. It was smooth, light, and delicate. On the back was an engraving of two ladies using it and on the handle was a beautiful engraved bow. They both burst into tears. It was the first real present they had ever had, other than the painting, which they had begged for.

Mummy Bear hugged them both and kissed the top of their heads. “It is for you to use on each other. I know that you play when alone. If you use it hard it would break, it is more for prolonged sensual spankings. Would you like to practice with it? After all, I was very naughty just then.”

Both girls agreed. They pulled down the sash window and closed the curtains. The door was locked.

Abigail moved to the table and lifted her dress over her hips. The two girls stood each side of her and slowly pulled down her pantaloons.

Charlotte tried it first and began to spank her. Light but firm smacks. The smacks were crisp and lovely to listen to, ‘peppering’ Abigail’s rump with delicious stinging sensations.

Mummy bear responded well, her bottom began to blush and she moved in time with the smacks…rising and falling to each and every stroke.

Samantha tried it next and picked up the pace. For fifteen minutes they spanked, not at all hard, but her bottom glowed by the time the girls had finished with her.

(Another scene to shoot.)

They stopped and caressed her bottom. “Have you any oil or cream?” asked Charlotte.

Still moving her hips in and out she pointed to a drawer next to her hip.

Charlotte opened it and took out a pink jar. It was a heavily scented moisturising cream. She climbed on the table to straddle her true Mistress, facing away from her head, she began to rub it in and Abigail gasped in pleasure.

Abigail got to her knees between Mummy Bear’s legs and pulled her thighs apart to lick her pussy to orgasm from behind.

Outside a forlorn Lucy was listening, she ran away weeping…sad, but safe. Even a traitor managed to find solace at the Inveigle.

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