The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part Twelve

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…all three naughty girls had had a bare bottom spanking before the other girls, now it was time for the caning of the Very Naughty Girl who had drawn the picture on the board as well as masturbating in a group, after school, in a forbidden room, with her friends, looking at a naughty book.

Miss Black walked up to her…”Right! Now it’s your turn, and for you young lady, it’s a visit from Mr.Whippy to your bottom!”

“Get yourself out here…NOW!”

Fae, usually stroppy, often cheeky, and quite a leader, was subdued. She hated the other girls seeing her like this and tried to be her normal self. “Oh, if I must!”

“You cheeky, arrogant young girl! I am going to teach you such a lesson!” Boomed Miss Black.

And that was it, the wind had been taken out of her sails. “I’m sorry Miss Black, please don’t cane my bottom…pleeeeease!”

“Quiet! Bend over! present your bare…bottom…to…me…girl.”

Fae could see that pleading was useless. Up close, the staring eyes of Miss Black were terrifying.

Miss Black had won the situation easily, all the girls spanked, and now a whimpering wreck of a once bratty young girl was bent over, bare bottom up, before her. She looked around the rest of the trembling girls.

The cane in her hand looked deadly, she oozed confidence in its use. Her arms looked big and powerful, and Fae’s bottom looked vulnerable and exposed.



There before the symbol of her defiance, the drawing of Miss Black getting a whack on her bare bottom, was Fae, legs kicking, begging for mercy, screaming…”I’m sorry, I’m sorry Miss Black…OWWWWWWW, OOOOOOOOOOHHH, STOP, PLEEEEASE STOP!”

Of course no such thing happened, Miss Black caned her authority over Fae’s bare bottom!

She laid the law down to the rest of the group, the flexible rattan wagging around menacingly. And made them all stand at the front.

“Now let that be a lesson to you all. Now what do you say?”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

“Sorry Miss Black.”

Once again the authority of Miss Black over naughty girls was demonstrated.


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